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Sedans That Retain Their Resale Value

The public is aware of the many facets of the car manufacturing industry. Value is important to vehicle owners- especially, resale value. Let’s face it- some cars certainly do retain their value much better than others. Sometimes, one wonders if the old story about inborn obsolescence is part of the problem, however; there are still car makers who make quality vehicles! Three amazing cars in the luxury category, and which hold their value are: Mercedes -Benz C class car and the Audi 6 & Audi 7. These German made cars, while they appear to be expensive, are not the top of the line in price, but in quality they assuredly retain their value! Just look at car resale vendors!


Mercedes-Benz C Class

This vehicle without a doubt says quality. This small luxury sedan is not only versatile but comes with impeccable features. It has earned the title of the best world car of the year for 2015! When you notice a 2015 small car is reselling for over $20,000, the resale value is holding! Now, that is what value and quality is all about. The people have spoken! Also, it can provide an estimate of 51 mpg when using a hybrid with electrical capability; that is smart for gasoline conservation. Remember, especially with smaller cars – depreciation can take you for a ride! You want a vehicle that can hold its own. You very well know just driving a new car out of the shop, means the graph goes down! Now, with car prices often topping over $35,000, it is more important for the buyer to know its resale value. This is so true after about 5 years. It has been estimated that depreciation can cost more than insurance, maintenance, and fuel all together! So, why not consider a luxury small sedan, and still get quality along with value? Listen up, technophiles, the Mercedes C is a value retaining vehicle, for sure. Check out the inventory for the resale of Mercedes Benz vehicles. There is value in these cars.


Audi 6

If you are looking for a midsize sedan that offers excellent performance ratings and amazing technology, this is a car for you. Not only does it retain its value, it is a durable midsize sedan. It is not surprising that the Audi 6 has scored 8.2 out of 10 on the Edmunds Rating. It offers qualities the public loves such as dynamic amenities, and lighting. Sometimes, features mean a lot to purchasers. It is ever being revamped and redesigned; it is a street smart car with holding value.


Audi 7

This is an impressive midsize luxury car with features consumers like. Take a look at the convenient hatchback cargo area; it will serve you well with your paraphernalia. It received an 8.1 on the Edmunds Ratings, right behind the Audi 6. But, best of all the Audi 7 has been awarded the Best Resale Value Luxury Car for 2019! It appears that Audi 7 keeps its promise on its profile- it truly displays ultimate comfortability and convenience- which is commendable.


Getting a Good Deal on Insurance

Now, once you own a quality vehicle to retain value and comfortability, you need to find insurance. Your car was pricey, but you don’t want your insurance to follow suit. Look for cheap insurance that does the trick. After all, if the coverage is good go with the cheap car insurance policy. After all, just find car parts for foreign cars can be costly, so get a break on insuring your vehicle. Cheap doesn’t have to mean lousy coverage; it can mean you are a smart consumer! As always, do your research.


Be Savvy

Lastly, the Best Value Awards are good indicators of value retention in vehicles. Check out that popular Kelley Blue Book! It can be worth your while. Depreciation does not only affect economy cars, but luxury cars, as well. It can plummet the resale value of your car by as much as 50-60 per cent. Don’t let this dismay you, Americans are still very much in love with foreign upscale vehicles. The fact is that people always seem to admire German engineering, and durability.

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