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Saving Up To Invest In Your Home: The best renovations for resale value

When owning a home it is important to keep up with the maintenance and renovations of it so that your never losing value to your home. There are tons of things you can do to renovate your home and make great changes to an already great home, but what things can you do that will not only be great for you but will bring up the value the most too? The best renovations to increase the value of your home include adding a home theater, renovating your kitchen, and adding more square footage.

Add a Home Theater

What could be more fun than adding your very own home theater to your home! Home theater utah is a great way to increase the value of your home and to attract potential buyers with something fun and unique. Adding your own personal home theater will add a fun space that adults and children can both enjoy and is a great way to make your home stand out among the rest. Add some comfortable recliner chairs and a mini bar and your space will be complete.

Renovate Your Kitchen

Everybody knows that the kitchen is a major renovation that takes a lot of money, time and hard work to get it right, but in the long run a kitchen renovation surely is worth it. By adding a brand new kitchen or renovating the one you have you can increase the value of your home by 54%! Now this includes all new appliances, counter-tops and of course new cabinets. Go for an all white clean looking kitchen to stay trendy and in style with what is most popular in the market in order to get the most out of your renovation. You also want to hire a contractor that knows what they’re doing and can do it for a reasonable price as kitchen renovations can get really expensive and least you spend on it the more value you’ll get back.

Add More Space

Adding more square footage to your home is a great way to instantly increase the value and also make for a better living space. Since most buyers are obtaining a loan from the bank in order to buy your home, they will need to get an appraisal and appraisals are largely based off of the square footage of the house therefore, when you add more space to your home you are much more likely to see a bigger return. Again, this is a very large and expensive renovation so be sure to hire a trusted contractor who can do the job for a reasonable price but in a timely and effective manner.

It’s important to have a plan and know what renovations are the most beneficial to your homes value before spending the money and time to do them. It’s always a good idea to add more space, update your kitchen and add a home theater because all of those things add value and are functional for your home. 

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