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3 Ways Japanese Car Manufacturers Changed America

Japan has had a huge impact on the American automotive landscape. Not just by the increased ownership of Japanese cars, there are plants in America and lots of Japanese cars have gained popularity in the U.S. due to films such as The Fast and The Furious series. Needless to say, Japan has made taking the automotive industry in America by storm.

Here are three ways Japanese Manufacturers have changed America


More Jobs for Americans

Many Americans earn a living in Japanese manufacturing plants. Many of them have been operating in the Southern United States for decades. People who are employed working at these plants are making significantly more than minimum wage become loyal to them. It isn’t a shock that the top 6 best selling cars in the US of 2018 were Japanese.

So not only does this boost the local economy with jobs, but it builds brand authority across a foreign company. manufacturers such as Pontiac, Saturn and Oldsmobile have fallen by the waist side, while Honda, Toyota, and Nissan, to name a few, have flourished in America. Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, and Texas all have plants and Indiana, Ohio and Mississippi have two.

In other words, there are as many Ford plants in America as all of the Japanese plants combined. And GM isn’t too far ahead but is gradually shutting factories and divisions, while more Japanese factories being built.


The Impact on American Racing

NASCAR is a surprising example. of the major American companies have always dominated the landscape of racing. until recently that is. Since joining NASCAR Toyota has recently won 2 Cup Series Championships and plenty of races. Meaning their Camry has bested cars such as Chevy’s Impala and Camaro, Ford’s Fusion and Mustang, and Dodge’s Charger, which doesn’t even compete in NASCAR anymore.

There’s an old saying, “Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday” and it definitely true among racing fans. And regardless of whether you watch racing, the teams that win more races can spend more money on advertising, research and development.

But it doesn’t end there since corporations have more faith in their product when beats the competition at the highest levels of racing.

Honda has their hands in Formula 1 as an engine supplier for Red Bull Racing. In Indy Car Racing, they have been the dominating force for many decades and are the reigning manufacturer’s champion, an honor that belonged Chevrolet for the past 6 seasons. This is all the proof some people need when car shopping. It’s no wonder that Toyota and Honda alone own 25% of the American market.


Many Americans Own Japanese Cars

But this doesn’t go both ways. While there are millions of Japanese cars on the roads of America, there are not nearly as many American cars being driven in Japan. The previous two topics might explain why so many Japanese cars are seen in America, but not why it’s so rare to see an American riding around in Japan.

The best way to explain this is quality. Americans aren’t mindlessly buying Japan because the internet tells their good cars, it’s the other way around. There are massive databases of reviews online. Most people want the best value on the most reliable car. It just so happens to be the Japanese vehicles such as the Toyota Camry and the Honda CRV.

Japanese manufacturers have changed the way people view Japanese cars by building more plants, dominating racing, and building quality vehicles. And while America plans on building plants in Japan, It’s doubtful that it will instantly change the landscape right away.

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