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5 Things to Do to Improve Your Resume

Your resume counts as the first glimpse that many employers will get of you. Naturally, you want it to look as perfect as it can. It goes without saying that you’ll want it to be error-free and factual.


However beyond that, do you know what kind of elements the best resumes have? If not, you could be overlooked for jobs that you’re otherwise qualified to fill. If you don’t know where to start your resume improvement quest, take heart. The following list provides you with five tangible things you can do to improve your resume.


  1. Pick Out the Keywords


Most resumes get machine sorted before they go on to recruiters. As such, you’ll want your resume to contain as many job-related keywords as you can.


If you’re not sure which keywords to use on your resume, Entrepreneur recommends that you run the company’s job post through a cloud generator. This will make the keywords stand out.


Once you know what the most prominent keywords are be sure to use them throughout your resume. Company headhunters give extra points for customized resumes.


  1. Highlight the Future Not the Past


According to Forbes, job seekers spend too much time on their resumes talking about the past instead of focusing on the future.


Your resume tells a story. Don’t tell a story to your employers that is ancient history. Instead, highlight the portions that list current accomplishments, degrees, and credentials that qualify you for the job you’re applying for. The more current this information is the better.


  1. Turn it on its Head


Monster.com suggests that you turn your resume upside down and look at it from a distance. Doing this allows you to look at it in big blocks. Ask yourself if the formatting, the font, and other elements look okay. If there are sections that don’t look appealing, be sure to change them.


Or you have a friend or a professional resume reviewing company like https://employmentboost.com/ take a look at it to see what stands out.


Often when you’ve put together a number of resumes in one sitting, it’s harder to see your resume clearly. Having another set of eyes can help you avoid leaving mistakes on your resume that could cost you a job.


  1. Name and Contact Information


Did you know that 80% of recruiters will look at your name and contact information before they look at anything else? Therefore, you want this section to look clean and to stand out. Make sure they can get a hold of you.


  1. Increase Your Resume’s Wow Factor


There are elements to your job and education history that will stand out. These count as your resume’s “wows.” What types of information could you include on your resume to impress your potential employer? Do you speak four languages? Did you increase your former company’s bottom line by 25% in one year? Did you graduate with honors?


Place this information in strategic spots on your resume. Add a headline with information like “Award-Winning Web Designer” to catch employers’ attention.


You can also add “wow” information throughout your job descriptions by telling employers how you improved the work environment in each position. Maybe you increased your company’s web traffic or saved it a bunch of money. Add that information. Make sure you add similar information to an “Honors and Awards” section as well.




A standout resume impresses employers and gets you interviews. When you’re adding information to your resume, be sure to add the right information.

Include information about how you will improve their business’s bottom line. Also ensure that your contact information stands out and is easy to read.


Additionally, you’ll want to add to your resume’s “wow factor” by adding interesting information and by highlighting the keywords the employer is looking for. If you take all these steps, you’ll create a resume that gets employers’ attention and lands you jobs.


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