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How First Aid Training Can Boost Workplace Morale

It is the employer’s legal responsibility to provide for the health and safety needs of their employees. The employer should make sure that, if an accident happens or someone has gotten sick, the employee receives immediate care. If a nearby clinic is not equipped to care for significant injuries, the employer should see to it that the employee gets transported to the nearest hospital.

However, in cases wherein there are no nearby hospitals, clinics or infirmary, Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) states that someone in the industry should know about first aid training. Employing someone who is equipped with first aid training is a definite plus in the workplace since accidents and illness aren’t running on a schedule. Accidents happen anytime and especially when you least expect them.

First Aid
As much as possible, first aid training is required for all workers. A risk assessment should be conducted to find out the company’s first aid needs. If the workplace is low-risk, the first aid kit should have the necessary tools for the usual cuts and abrasions. If it’s a high-risk workplace, then the first aid kit should include tools for initial treatments of the injury.

Employee Training
One way for an employer to prepare for future accident or illness situation is for them to conduct first aid trainings to their employees. For financial reasons, some employers select employees in each department to attend the training session. It would be better, however, if most of the employees receive training to reduce the severity of an accident.

For example, cardiac arrest happens to people of all ages, anywhere, and at any time. If you look at the 2017 reports done by the American Heart Association, 37.4% of cardiac arrest victims survived due to the help of bystanders who performed immediate first aid before help arrived. If ever this happens in the workplace, employees who have undergone first aid training will have to be the first responder. Usually, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) training is being given together with the first aid training. However, if this is not the case, there is ACLS online training provided for people who are too busy to attend a scheduled on-site class.

Providing first aid training to employees can also be advantageous for the company since this will be tailored based on the nature of the business. If the industry is in food retail, then the training would be different for a BPO company.

Customize to Your Workplace
To ensure that you have provided adequate training and facilities to your employees, employers should consider the hazards of the workplace and the size of the organization. Ensuring the safety of your employees can produce high morale in the workplace. This often leads to a positive attitude towards work which in turn will lead to the efficiency and effectivity of the employee. This will also reduce accidents since employees who have a positive attitude towards their job often exercise self-discipline and follow safety procedures.

Immediate Benefits
Employers will also give their employees the confidence to do what needs to be done in the event of an accident. Usually, people who lack the training tends to panic. However, with training, the employee will be able to act accordingly. They will be more aware of the problem surrounding the incident and will be able to ask the appropriate question in relation to the accident. This will help reduce further damage because they will be able to effectively manage the situation without getting overwhelmed.

The immediate response of the trained employee will also help in the recovery time of the victim which will lessen the impact of having an employee being absent from work. This can also help your employees outside of work since they can use it on themselves and on a variety of people who may need their assistance.

Providing first aid training and refresher trainings will give your employees time to bond with each other since this will also serve as a team-building exercise for them. Ensuring the safety of the employees will help create a healthy working environment which will result in high productivity for the company.

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    Witnesses said the man went to the roof of the 30-storey Chater House in the heart of Hong Kong’s central business district and, despite attempts to talk him down, jumped to his death.

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    You will never catch me touching another employee even if they need life saving CPR. That shit is a recipe for a groping/raping/sexual harassment HR complaint in today’s world. That would lead to a fake apology and a trip to some fake sexual rehab and public flogging.

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    Phil – do you know what really boosts morale? BABs (big ass bonuses). No one cares about CPR dude.

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