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$AAPL Tops $600 Billion

Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s shares rose to a record and the company’s market value surpassed $600 billion on speculation that production has started on a smaller version of the iPad tablet as well as a new television product.

The shares climbed 1.9 percent to $648.11 at the close in New York yesterday, for a market capitalization of $602.3 billion. The stock of the world’s most valuable company has gained 60 percent this year.”

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Possible da Vinci Painting Found in Scottish Farmhouse; Could Be Worth $150 Million

via yahoo.com

Fiona McLaren, 59, had kept an old painting in her Scottish farmhouse for decades. She reportedly didn’t think much of the painting, which had been given to her as a gift by her father. But after she finally decided to have the painting appraised, some experts are speculating that it may in fact be a 500-year-old painting by Leonardo da Vinci and potentially worth more than $150 million.

“I showed it to him [auctioneer Harry Robertson] and he was staggered, speechless save for a sigh of exclamation,” said Ms. McLaren, according to The People.

The Daily Mail says the painting may be of Mary Magdalene holding a young child. The painting is now undergoing further analysis by experts at the Cambridge University and the Hamilton Kerr Institute, who will attempt to uncover its exact age and origins.


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Market Update

The Story: Merkel backing bond buying has the markets in rally mode. A tepid rally i might add as we approach overhead resistance of 1405 S&P.

Market Update

[youtube://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sxyXa8Y8Ug 450 300]

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Markets Cheer ECB Action on Saving Greece, Temporarily That Is

“The European Central Bank (ECB) has saved Greece from bankruptcy for the time being by securing it interim financing in the form of additional emergency loans from the Bank of Greece, German newspaper Die Welt said on Saturday.”

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Cheers: US Bankruptcies on Pace to Fall to Pre-2008 Level

“The number of U.S. businesses and consumers filing for bankruptcy fell 14 percent in the first half of 2012 and could end the year at the lowest level since before the 2008 financial crisis, according to data released on Thursday.”

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Arena Pharmaceutical Gets the First Weight Loss Drug Approved in 13 Years

“(Reuters) – U.S. health regulators on Wednesday approved Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc’s pill to treat obesity, making it the first new weight-loss drug in 13 years as public health advocates push for new solutions to the nation’s growing obesity epidemic.

Arena shares jumped more than 45 percent following the announcement.

Arena’s lorcaserin, which will be sold under the brand name Belviq, was one of three experimental weight-loss drugs seeking U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval after initial rejections by the agency. Vivus Inc and Orexigen Therapeutics Inc are still hoping to bring their medicines to market.”

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Phelps to enter seven events at Olympic qualifying

Michael Phelps is setting himself up for the possibility of 10 Olympic medals this summer.


By Kevin Jairaj, US Presswire
That is, if he swims in all seven events he’s entered in at next week’s U.S. Olympic swimming trials — which is a pretty big “if.”

According to the psych sheet released by USA Swimming, Phelps is entered in the 200- and 400-meter individual medleys, the 100 and 200 butterflys, the 100 and 200 freestyles and the 200 backstroke. Yahoo! Sports and The Baltimore Sun both initially reported that Phelps would compete in seven events.

If he swims all those events at the trials (and qualifies) and competes as a member of all three U.S. relay teams, he could have a chance to win 10 medals. Guess that’s the only way to top his eight gold medals from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing …


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EU Leaders To Call For ‘Further Urgent Measures’ On Growth

“European Union leaders will press for new efforts to boost economic growth and improve lending conditions when they meet later this month, according to a draft document prepared for a June 28-29 summit in Brussels.

The 27-nation bloc will pursue growth measures at a time when, in the words of European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, “there is no inflation risk in any European country” and the ECB will continue to provide liquidity to the banking system. Draghi is working with EU PresidentHerman Van Rompuy, Luxembourg’s Jean-Claude Juncker and European Commission President Jose Barroso on a blueprint for further integration of the 17-nation euro region.”

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Stunning Collection of Photos from D-Day, 68 Years Ago Today

See the rest of the photos in an article that Boston.com ran two years ago by clicking here.

U.S. troops disembark from a landing vehicle on Utah Beach on the coast of Normandy, France in June of 1944. Carcasses of destroyed vehicles litter the beach. (Regional Council of Basse-Normandie/U.S. National Archives)

U.S. Soldiers march through a southern English coastal town, en route to board landing ships for the invasion of France, circa late May or early June 1944. (Army Signal Corps Collection/U.S. National Archives) #

General view of a port in England; in foreground, jeeps are being loaded onto landing craft – in background, larger trucks and ducks are being loaded, June 1944. (U.S. National Archives) #

The sight of a low-flying Allied plane sends Nazi soldiers rushing for cover on a beach in France, before D-Day June 1944. The aircraft was taking reconnaissance photos of German coastal barriers in preparation for the June 6th invasion. (AP Photo) #

Coast Guard Flotilla 10 tied up along with British landing craft, preparing to sail the English Channel and invade Nazi-occupied France. These landing craft landed U.S. troops on Omaha Beach. (U.S. Army) #

German soldiers observe the coast during the occupation of Normandy by German forces in 1944. (Regional Council of Basse-Normandie/U.S. National Archives)#

A-20 bombers make a return visit to the Pointe Du Hoc coastal battery on 22 May 1944. (U.S. National Archives) #

Allied convoys of ships on the open sea – June 1944. (Regional Council of Basse-Normandie/U.S. National Archives) #

Allied troop carriers near Omaha beach, one covered with a thick white smoke, June 1944. (Regional Council of Basse-Normandie/U.S. National Archives) #

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Cheers: Disney to Remove Junk-food Advertising

Glad to report that someone has some good sense in helping our kids out.

If you instill good eating behaviors with your children at every meal you get 1095 chances per year; which pales in comparison to the 10k + chances companies get to influence your kids. So this is a good move and hopefully other companies in our children’s sphere of influence follow suit.

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It’s Safe to Eat Steak Like a Man Again

Food safety advocates finally won for the testing of many strains of E. coli. The meat industry has successfully convinced the last and current administration not to allow the testing, but seeing as how many have fallen ill or died the decision not to test  would be stupid.

As for the safety of meat well there is still GMO, antibiotic issues, and proper food safety issues; so i’ll stick to local grass fed steer.

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The True Spirit of Freedom

It is never to early to be an activist for change. While Cole did not succeed he will try again. He also stands as a symbol to what has died in most American adults.

Cheers to Cole!

[youtube://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIQUcDt1dhE 450 300]

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Vodka Market Nears Bubble Territory

Are the many new varieties of Vodka flavors (whipped cream, anyone?) a sign that the Vodka market is frothy and in danger of bubbling over?

Read the article here.


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