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Katt Williams is a Man of Great Repute

On Nov. 9, Williams was sued by his former female assistant, who alleges the comedian assaulted her at his house in October. On Nov. 14, Williams was reportedly arrested following a fight at an Oakland club. The on Nov. 27, Williams was arrested in Sacramento after leading police on a chase while driving his three-wheel ATV. The performer had been driving on the sidewalk when police tried to pull him over, and he took off driving down the wrong side of the road. Three days later, while performing in Seattle he whipped his microphone at an audience member, hitting him in the head.

Then on Dec. 3, he was arrested again after a bar fight, where he allegedly threatened the bar’s manager with a pool cue, and then followed a family to the parking lot and threw a cigarette at a woman, hitting her in the eye.

The next day, Williams was kicked out of a hotel in Seattle , and he announced he was retiring from stand-up comedy, and two days later decided it was time to un-retire.

After all that, a Seattle judge issued two warrants after Williams failed to show up to court.


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