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EXPERT: If You Were At Occupy Wall Street, Your Phone Was Probably Surveyed


Surveyed, as in, if it wasn’t shut off, the NYPD skimmed or “surveyed” most of your information, really your identity and all that goes along with it, straight off your phone.

leading privacy blogger and working member of the American Civil Liberties Union, Kade Ellis, recently took note of an obscure lecture posted to YouTube more than a month ago. At less than 900 hits (at the time this was written), this video passed well beneath the public radar.

The lecture was titled “Privacy is dead,” and private investigative expert Steven Rambam had this to say:

“I can tell you that everybody that attended an Occupy Wall Street protest, and didn’t turn their cell phone off, or put it — and sometimes even if they did — the identity of that cell phone has been logged, and everybody who was at that demonstration, whether they were arrested, not arrested, whether their photos were ID’d, whether an informant pointed them out, it’s known they were there anyway. This is routine.”

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