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Caution Flag: TBT Alert

caution flag

Just a word on Jacksonian long termer  [[TBT]] , which has taken something of a lashing recently.   It’s currently sitting right below a substantial (38.2%) Fibonacci retracement line from the beginning of the September swoon season (i.e., 9/02/08) to the lows on December 18th of 2008.   That 38.2% line stands at $47.21, and I think a close below that will indicate a drop to at least $44.90 or so.


For myself, I will “do nothing” for now, save eat a samich (sic).  As TBT, like [[SLV]] and [[GLD]] is a “bedrock” pick of mine for the coming troubles,  I may hedge it from time to time (which I may do here) but I will not sell my core position.  In fact, I mad add if we do dip back below to the $45 area.  If we do not get back above the target fib @ $47.21, I will likely sell calls tomorrow on my position, awaiting further entry.

In other news, New Gold Inc. (USA) [[NGD]] could drop back down to the trend line again (at $3.34 or thereabouts) but I think I’ll take another 1/2 position at these levels ($3.39).

Follow me only upon full knowledge of all your limbs being blown off in a nasty dynamiting session by these  small miners.

Best regaurds (sic), Jake.


UPDATE:  Bot 6k more NGD @ $3.38 (market).



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The Coal Bin Vacated


While it may have seemed we only experienced a slight pullback day for the market, today was in fact a sad day for the Jacksonians, as we saw another original candidate get the old “heave ho” out the door for lack of performance.  I will admit, I gave Natural Resource Partners LP [[NRP]] a little more leeway than I did Tesoro Corporation [[TSO]] , as it carried with it a phat dividend (over 10% as of today) and it was a royalty play rather than an operating miner (much like fellow Jackson Royal Gold, Inc. [[RGLD]] is a gold royalty play), which I thought gave it some “rent safety” over the operators.  No such luck.

You see in prudent Jackson land, there’s only so much loss a play can take, and when NRP broke $19.31 today (a significant support level), it hit our stop, and we sold the remainder (207.555 shares) for a loss of 19.9%. Luckily, I only had 1/2 a position left, having sold the first half at $20.50. Still the bludgeoning (before dividend payments) was substantial.

What was I thinking picking a stock with a symbol so easily dyslexia’d into the acronym for National Public Radio, anyway?   Should’ve been a sign to me …

Luckily, despite these minor setbacks, the rest of the Jacksonians are hammering along hard enough to keep the overall returns over 21.6% since inception on May 1st. The Andersons, Inc. [[ANDE]] and Teck Cominco Limited (USA) [[TCK]] remain my top winners (even as I added to my TCK a scant few weeks ago at current levels, my blended return is still 40%).

I believe the gold and silvers are going to take off here as we head into the last months of the year, as they are wont to do historically. In that regard, IAMGOLD Corporation (USA) [[IAG]] , Eldorado Gold Corporation (USA) [[EGO]] and Silver Wheaton Corp. (USA) [[SLW]] are my top performers, with returns of 44.64%, 39.13% and 30.05%, respectively, since May 1st inception. Of those, I think SLW will have the greatest momentum as we head towards Christmas, because silver continues to be undervalued compared to gold.


Speaking of gold opportunities, I threw out New Gold Inc. (USA) [[NGD]] yesterday, and although it didn’t move an inch either way today, I continue to think it a strong play here, especially on a pullback to the $3.30 area.   If we’re not that lucky, I believe it’s a buy over $3.55 as well. 

I also wanted to point out another junior that I think will be a mover going forward here — Rubicon Minerals Corp. (USA) [[RBY]] .   Have a look at the daily chart:


And really, I think the weekly should cinch it for you.  It’s so eeeeeasy– a cup and handle, for goodness sakes!  And on the weekly, no less.    My take:  wait for that break of $3.21, and then… blammo!


One last admonition — watch [[UUP]] tomorrow for your signal.  A break above $23.31 or so will mean a little bit more waiting on the gold selections.  But if  UUP turns down again– towards my target of $23.05, that will probably mark the break out run of a great many junior gold and silver plays.

Best of luck to all my Jacksonian stalwarts. 


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A Present for Tim

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0qlOEKkBWA 450 300]

I was just off reading some other blogs and I’m finding that there’s quite a bit of misery out there.  You might imagine from where that misery stems, if you are wont to read more “misery oriented” blogs than this one.

In one particular meloncholy review,  I even started to feel sorry for my friend Tim, The Enchanter.   He’s a little bit down in the jowls these days because the world hasn’t fallen off a cliff as properly prescribed quite yet.   It’s a monetary phenomenon, I says.  It’s a conspiracy of Owls and black flutes, he says.   Whatever.

I’m here for some solace for the bearish and perhaps an idea or two.   My friends, we are coming to an exciting time of year and I hope you will bear with me.  September, you see, is a traditional crap pile for all that is Equity.   Something to do with the Medieval harvest payments, or the rise of the Mayan Moon, but it’s always been our worst month for stocks since your grandmother can remember.  That should make some of our Ursines, happy, no?

The good news for we Jacksons is that August comes before it, and August marks the start of the precious metal bull season on into it’s tumescent end in Happy Claus.  In other words, it’s a good idea to buy gold and silver here in Jewelry’s Worst Month because it only gets better as everyone picks out their silver pumpkins brooches, gold encrusted turkey lame dresses and platinum filigreed Christmas chokers in the coming crispiness.

And don’t even get me started about back to school.  

Let’s have a look at our friend Baby Huey ($HUI) shall we ?  Here’s a triangle you’re going to love by next month:


You’ll note we’ll be “do or die” by mid-September.  Want to make a wager on whether we break out before then? 

Now a specific pick that I really like, and have for a while, Non-Jackson though it may be.   Here’s the old chart of New Gold Inc. (USA) [[NGD]] I gave you back on May 21st, 2009:


Now here we are three months and 45.5% higher at $3.49, but don’t thank me just yet.   I think we’re getting ready to rock the Casbah in an unctious and lugubrious manner.  Checkout what chart analysis number two brings forth:


Yeah, it’s pulled back a little on Friday, but that may mark your opportunity.  Frankly, I’d be surprised if  they bludgeoned this little junior miss back to $3.25, but if “they” did, that would be a magnificent place to throw in an order.   I know I will be looking to add here on Monday, or maybe Tuesday if we do get  second day of pullback, and I will keep you updated.  

These juniors can really move with this gold bull, so make sure you keep an eye on Rubicon Minerals Corp. (USA) [[RBY]] , Allied Nevada Gold Corp. [[ANV]] , [[BAA]] and their brethren, even as you line your portfolio with sturdy Jacksons for the coming Fall (possible pun intended). 

Best to you all.


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Here Comes the Slide



It’s 1:50 PM and I see [[UUP]] banging up against the downtrend line and fully expect it to turnover here right now.

Target $23.05. Good time to grab some of your favorite options play for quick snicker-snack of your Vorpel blade.

“Abort! Abort! Abort!” signal is upon a break of our aformentioned $23.28 to the northside.

I am looking at [[PAAS]] , Silver Standard Resources Inc. (USA) [[SSRI]] , Silver Wheaton Corp. (USA) [[SLW]] , and [[GDX]] .

Caution: Follow me at your own risk, and make sure you Wait for the rollover!

Best to you, Jake out.


UPDATE:  Bot 50 Sept $34 calls on GDX @ $5.60 .   Caveat: If you follow me into GDX you may contract “Midas Touch Syndrome” and end up turning your favourite (sic) poocho into a very valuable knick knack, and you may lose money too.


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The Buck Stops Where?


(Fed Chairman at Work)
Let’s not get overexcited about such things as green shoots and bamboo leaves, shall we? Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not convinced this whole basket of cats in not going to just roll over and die here anyway, but what’s going on in the market has almost nothing to do with visions of recovery and everything to do with the continuing decline of the dollar.

Let me tell you, I’ve seen ugly charts for UUP before, but this might be one of the uglier, in terms of the sharp declines taken by the oscillators, that I’ve seen in a while. This tells me that the Fed and our trading allies know that credit is tightening again, and that the dollar spigot will be awash to get us through the tight September months again. Check it out:


Look at that accumulation/distribution line… what the heck? In any case, my first “back to work” market thesis reminder should be a familiar one — this is no time to get shaken out of your precious metal, hard commodity positions.

I also believe U.S. company buyouts will increase as our weaker currency provides better values for our overseas (and cross border) friends, especially those countries who specialize in commodity provision, like Canuckistan and Oz. China, of course, will also be a player, and she has shown she’ll be a willing buyer of commodity assets.

Hold tight, and watch that double bottom target area as marked on the daily UUP chart. Cheers and thanks for your patience.


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Happy Birthday Big Guy….


We love ya, a whole hell of a lot.

Aside: I know I’ve been remiss, but it’s been headless cats and dogs here at work since I got back, and I need to get my brain on straight to talk about this market. I think I will be able to refire more than short quippy comments by tonight. For now, on to the next thing….

The farther in you go, the bigger it gets…. — Crowley

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