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It is an honour (sic) and a privilege to be guest blogging for Jake while he is away on ‘assignment’. I’m sure he will be checking in from time to time and keeping tabs on his belouved (sic) Jacksonians. For the most part, I will leave the stock-picking advice to the professionals…

The urge to start off the week with a little razzing of those ‘well-intentioned’ yet meddlesome liberals could not be resisted, so sorry.

The following are some ideas/topics i may be posting about in the week to come. Suggestions are most welcome (except from you, Dpeezy).

-How Entourage has been sucking donkey dick and how Showtime is taking HBO to task as of late.

-Why i can’t get enough of the UFC/MMA and the details of my man-crush on Anderson Silva.

-Ganja: Legalize it?

How to win in Texas Hold ’em How not to lose this month’s mortgage payment playing Texas Hold ’em

-How this site would be so much more awesome if the proprietor would hire a lifestyle blogger who can advise me on how to make friends and influence people.

Best –

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Get Ready, It’s Coming…


No, no!  Not Obamacare!  Not yet, at least… not if these “scary mobs” have anything to say about it , at least.

No, I was just talking about my vacation next week, when I will be away from the office and away from this blog for quite a bit.   So much so that I have decided to hire on a Vacation Blogger to deal with you all during the week I’m gone.

I’m putting him/her through his/her paces now, so we shall see what we shall see.   I have known this person for a long time, and, somewhat like a Jedi Master and his paduan leaner, I believe we have forged a special bond that will result in him carrying on the Jacksonian tradition here with honour (sic).

Oh, and he will also light into any Canuckistanian leftoids with very little prompting.   Which is always good.

That all said, we had a wacky day today in the market, did we not?   Up, up and “bonk” on the [[SPY]] 38.2% retracement line (well, almost), instead of “away.”  

Remember this chart from some weeks back?


Well, let’s look at what it’s grown into — we just hit that second resistance line today!:


Now that’s a ton of money flow moving into this surge, and we still look like we’ve got more room to go.  Don’t be surprised, however, if that resistance line forces a breather here.   I hope I’m wrong, as I’m egregiously long, but I have to expect this second line will act as a similar “rest” area for our raging bull, just as the first one did.

So we have some work to do and a dollar resurgance to fight next week.  Unfortunately, I will not be here to hold your hand for that.   I will be here through most of the weekend however, and will try to get you a Jackonian update  tomorrow, in between packing and other errands.

In the meantime, gird your loins for a week of…. Vacation Blogger!!

Best to you all.


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Let’s Hear it for a Massive EGO!


Today was a bit of a crapola day, no denying, with “Most Favoured (sic) Jacksons” The Andersons, Inc. [[ANDE]] and Teck Cominco Limited (USA) [[TCK]] taking a severe frond thrashing to the buttocks, and most favoured (sic) silver stock Silver Wheaton Corp. (USA) [[SLW]] feeling the pain as well (among others).

However, for balance, my giant Eldorado Gold Corporation (USA) [[EGO]] is breaking the futz out, again!  Since this Jackson has been a laggard for a while, it gives me some hope for the whole group of PM’s in the Jackson Portfolio.  And believe me I need some surcease after being gutshot with a double barrel full of salt-rime this afternoon by my top two reliables and my “reliable laggard” Natural Resource Partners LP [[NRP]] –which I truly am beginning to tire of. 

Fat dividend or not, NRP may soon go the way of Tesoro Corporation [[TSO]] and onto the charnel heap if it does not get its act together soon.  

But on to sweeter things.   Two Jacksons are showing great promise, EGO being one, as mentioned — and look at this bust out chart:


And the weekly show even more clearly the significance of the breakout into the “free air” territory:


Is it overbought?  Sure, a little.   But so was The St. Joe Company [[JOE]] yesterday, and that sucker kept steamrolling today.  Ours not to reason why, Jacksons….

But let me show you one more that may turn out to be the best gold stock in the Jackson Portfolio (I’ve felt that way for a while now).   Look at how IAMGOLD Corporation (USA) [[IAG]] is setting up here.   This may be the one you really want to look at for tomorrow:


As the chart says, a break of $11.51 on volume will tell the tale.   Happy Hunting Jacksons.


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Jake Buys (More) TCK


For the Jacksonian Portfolio, I’ve purchased 300 more shares of Teck Cominco Limited (USA) [[TCK]] @ $27.51, using the available cash reserves.   Since the Jackson Portfolio is “paper” only, I wanted to assure you that I am also adding to my personal stash to the tune of 1k more shares at the same price.   I think this baby is a tiger that will not be tamed ovah heah. 

FWIW, everything is “on the table” today, and I am eyeing The Andersons, Inc. [[ANDE]] for a buy if it breaks out over $31.50 again.   All the silvers are incredibly strong, and I may add some Silver Wheaton Corp. (USA) [[SLW]] just for the heck of it.   I am “full up” in the personal port, unfortunately. 

Best to you, today.


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Eat at Joe’s?


Could it possibly be?

Could it be that time again?   I mean, it’s been so long…. 

But the market is perking up a bit ovah heah.   After all the carnage in real estate and in Florida real estate in particular… could it actually be time to buy The St. Joe Company [[JOE]] again?

It seems nuts, but it appears that our old friend from the Florida Panhandle, St. Joe, patron saint of beachfront Pensacola property, is breaking the futz out once again.    

What’s that?  There’s thousands of Floriduh (sic) properties for sale at half price? 

Toss off, I don’t care.

What’s that?  There are whole condo complexes in Fort Meyers that have been taken over by squatting gypsies from Romania?

I don’ t give a damn.

Excuse me?  There are Miami real estate agents who are supplementing their income via croupier work on floating casino boats out of Key Biscayne?

Pay me.

Don’t give me any of that backtalk, see?  I don’t want to hear your whining.   JOE is going to town for one reason only — he’s a secret Jackson.  And no it’s got nothing to do with his barely concealed redneck origins.   It’s because Joe’s main assets are largely land— primo real estate, including beach front property — in Florida.  

 And that may sound nuts because of the developed properties that remain unsold, but the fact is land does not depreciate, and land banking is just another form of hard money asset gathering.  Make no mistake, as “land banks” go — JOE is one of the primo properties extant.  

So here’s to JOE, and here’s the daily and weekly’s to show you where I think the more likely entries lie.   Be cautious right now, because, despite the breakouts this week, it is somewhat egregiously overbought here.  Wait for the pullback.    This time, I give you weekly first to show you the breakout:


And now the daily, to see the suggested entry on  a pullback:


On the PM front, the silver’s remain strong, and I will probably have some gold junior buys for tomorrow as well.    Best to you all.  

PS — Thaaaahhh Yankeees win, thah Yankees win. 


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Has Anyone Seen My Little Dog?


Last I saw him he was running around, all ass & tail, gunning down shots of Don Julio and screaming “New Lows in July, damnit!!”  

But here it is August, and the only lows I’m seeing are the catatonic stair steps of [[UUP]] as it heads to its crypt in the basement.  Remember my post about the “noise zone” from the other day?  Here’s our result:


Looks like $23 is the make or break area, here.   If we get there, I think we get at least a bounce.   Would not shock me to see further deterioration after that.

Again, that means good things for our PM and Jacksonian buddies, and they all rallied today, with the overall portfolio up 3.23% today and now breaking to new highs since our May 1st inception, with a return to date of 26.62%.   My only regret is that I didn’t put more cash to work last week when I upped my Monsanto Company [[MON]] and Thompson Creek Metals Company, Inc. [[TC]] holdings back to their former strengths.  

Another interesting note — while Mr. Anderson — The Andersons, Inc. [[ANDE]] remains my top performer with a 92.81% return since May 1st launch, my second chasing close on his heels is also my newest pick Teck Cominco Limited (USA) [[TCK]] which is up an astonishing 88.76% since first purchase back on June 16th at $15.04.    Most of the PM’s are in the 20’s percentile range (still off their June highs, mind you) with IAMGOLD Corporation (USA) [[IAG]] leading that pack, up 32.06%.

The one Jacksonian clunker (for which I receive a large “cash” dividend) is Natural Resource Partners LP [[NRP]] , at a negative (4.11%).   I will consider NRP’s inclusion in the ongoing list, unless it’s laggard status improves.

As for the best of the Jackson’s currently, the silvers seem to be standing out nicely, with my favourite (sic) Silver Wheaton Corp. (USA) [[SLW]] breaking out past it’s 61.8% fib, and looking to continue here to resistance in the near term at $11.00 or so.   I of course will hold onto it until the bonds of time are loosed.   Silver Standard Resources Inc. (USA) [[SSRI]] also looks extremely strong here, with another breakaway gap, up over 6% today like SLW.  [[PAAS]] was only up over 5% today, but is exhibiting the same tendencies.  

Last, non-Jackson junior silver [[EXK]] was also very strong today, with a nice volume spike and also gapping up over resistance. levels.   It seems to be heading to it’s recent highs ($2.40) , and I’d say that’s going to come quickly.   My analysis is that the Central banks were so busy suppressing gold today that they forgot about her little brother, and the beach ball popped above the water for all to see….

Onto the non-Jackson golds–  I still like Allied Nevada Gold Corp. [[ANV]] , which is becoming almost Jacksonian in its stately and dignified rise here.   Take a look at it’s weekly chart when you get a chance — it’s a thing of beauty.   As mentioned in my comments section, [[BAA]] broke da Flummox out today over the $2.14 barrier I had mentioned in my chart the other day, and Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. (USA) [[IVN]] is looking to move higher.  I also still like Golden Star Resources Ltd. (USA) [[GSS]],  even though it’s rise was crippled by the Curse of DMG early this morning.  

On the non PM front, I still very much like Mirant Corporation [[MIR]] — which also has A and B warrants, if you are interested in that type of thing.   I also applaud any of you that took my [[CNXT]] breakout signal chart from the other day to heart.  I think they’ll be more there, btw.  

 That should be enough for you to digest for now, but check in my comments section tomorrow for trading updates.   Best to you all.

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