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Before I get into my sage market advice, it should be noted that Israel is vowing to exact revenge against Iran for killing zero people in their widely telegraphed attack on Israel, in response to Israel’s bombing of their embassy in Syria. I anticipate Israel, with the help of the US, will launch cruise missile strikes inside Iran and this process will continue until, somehow, the United Steaks gets involved.

The process is very repetitive and it also bears repeating: no one can stop it.

Whilst occupation forces are impossible, the bombings of infrastructure and soft military targets will commence.

Markets didn’t like any of this shit one bit. Everything went down, including Bitcoin, with exception to gold. But gold stocks traded lower too — because everything gets bombed. Nothing is left out. Perhaps the IDF, on their way to bomb Iran, will bomb Saudi Arabia just to remind them who’s boss and to not get out of line.

My stocks traded down and I did poorly, once diving lower by 2.5% — I looked into the mirror and saw a truly wretched trader. I recovered somewhat into the close, ending lower by 1.8%, all but giving away all of my gains for April — now up just 0.4%. In spirit, I felt like a winner and I really wanted to claim victory, but due to circumstances beyond my grasp I was unable to and got bombed the fuck out and now sit here thinking about revenge.

I closed NET SHORT in fears of a waterfall response in the morning once the skies over Tehran are illuminated with the cinders of a holy war.

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