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Closed Out the Month Middling

I haven’t traded well in the past two weeks and missed out on some of the fun. I know the reason why, as I haven’t been focused on trading. I’ve been trading since a teenager and I did this professionally for 18 years and now fuck around online and trade my own accounts for a living and although I do love it — it gets repetitive. If I apply myself fully and entirely I can achieve dazzling results.

But why should I?

I finished the month +3%, +8.5% for 2024. My buy and hold and reallocate once per month Quant gained 7.9% for the month, now higher by 8.1% for the year and my longer term strategic account gained 10.5% for the month, now up 5.6% for the year.

I tell you these things because those are my pacer rabbits. I should always beat them because I am intuitive, able to respond to events in real time. Those accounts are largely buy and hold. Sure, the strategic are all my best ideas and the Quant is using my algorithms to select stocks — but I have always beat them because when I trade well I trade the best.

But I am not trading well and I know that sounds crazy since I am near RECOURD highs and haven’t posted many losses in quite some time.


After all, I have posted just 3 down months in the last 17. Nevertheless, I don’t feel like I am trading well — since I am not executing on the level I want to be and I am missing out on easy trades and generally lackluster. Speaking of which, after the close a holding of mine is plunging on earnings news, $ZS — so it looks like I will be digging myself out from a hole to begin March.

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