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I stand before you small people +80bps, leveraged long. I had to take out and shoot my hedges earlier, all for obscene losses — because the market only wants, for whatever reason, to go higher. We can hem and haw about it — think about ways and reasons for stocks to COLLAPSE and bring about the apocalypse. But, for now, she wants higher.

I have been particularly interested in the “white economy” due to so much shrinkage taking place inside urban centers and the stores that festoon them.

Take for example shares of $COST: very nice and cheap — as opposed to $TGT. Don’t get me wrong — I like Target and view the shares as historically cheap. But it’s not part of the ‘white economy’ anymore and as soon as they stock up on Xmas presents, BAM!, shrinkage of monumental scale will occur. The same goes for $BBY and $WMT.

But Costco is big and has a very ominous feel to it, especially if you’re a looter. You might get the sense that once inside taking chickens, the doors will shut down and kill teams will be dispatched to exterminate you with the lights out. Not a good feeling, I could imagine.

The other white stocks worth looking at are $ANF, barely any looters go there because it’s very gay and very white. Other names include $THO, $TSCO and $CHDN — all places that if attempting to steal from you will likely understand the 2nd amendment intimately.

Markets are climbing. All aboard.

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