Is Icahn a Cheater?


I’m really interested to see if KMPG was giving insider information to Carl “Princeton this, Princeton that” Icahn. He didn’t seem to know anything about the company when he was interviewed, so I don’t think this is some far off conspiracy theory. If he was to get caught, I’m sure one of his underlings will take the blame, and he’ll say that “he didn’t know anything about it.”

If this is the case, we’ll all know the truth, and may Thor’s hammer fall out of the sky and smash his brain in. I have no tolerance for cheaters, especially if they are cheating purely to be bullies. I couldn’t care less about him going to Princeton, especially since he got a degree in worthless Philosophy. Philosophy professors can philosophically kiss my ass, because I don’t want those dirty old beards near my body.

In other news, FSLR is ripping on bullshit news, causing my Chinese solar shorts to squeeze my head within a vise. This is okay, I shall release the pressure by doubling my position, when the the time is right, PAL. LDK TSL


11 Responses to “Is Icahn a Cheater?”

  1. bitter much?

  2. If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.

    And it’s only cheating if you get caught. Like baseball.

  3. Paul Tudor Jones

    Stop giving financial advice.
    Stop blogging altogether.

  4. The Icahn takes dumps bigger than you.

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