Who Wants to Bet Against Den Naesehorn on Solar?


Solar, led by FSLR, is ripping. Have you actually read through their guidance? Almost all of this “positive guidance” is based on changing revenue recognition for one project. Remember accounting 301, PAL?

I will wait in the high grass while all you longs dance and be merry, getting drunk off of your profits. Then I shall unleash my horde of Vikings upon, slaughtering you, taking your profits, and sending Solar back to Hel. Hel will receive you, and put you right to work.

I will be doubling my short in LDK and TSL, and starting a short position in FSLR– when the time is right. I know the time is right when the Odin’s ravens descend, showing me the sign.

I’m your Hucleberry, let’s play.



3 Responses to “Who Wants to Bet Against Den Naesehorn on Solar?”

  1. Unless your hordes what?

    I happen to agree with you that the entire solar industry is based on fraud and gummint bullying.

    Not exactly the path to prosperity.


    • The Once and Future Rhino

      Unleash, wow, I’m a degenerate for not catching that. Thanks Jake.

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