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Final Four Update:

Wow, I did not expect such a quick response to the contest. I’m curious to know if some of the names are made up, as people try to enter two stock picks. I will leave registration open for 2 more days with Financial bloggers getting first dibs to the tournament. After that, it’s on a first come first serve basis.

Update: Contest will start next Monday!

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When you play with fire/solar you get burned.

In the past, I played these solar burrito stocks like a “space alien magician,” banking crazy amounts of coin. Well today Suntech power struck back with ultraviolent rays.

What was I thinking?

I wanted to build a position in the space, and I planned to do it with [[STP]] (based on fundamentals). So i decided to put half my position on before earnings, and add the rest after the report. I thought if they missed the stock would fall 2-5 points, I was wrong! Most of these stocks move in integer increments anyway, but I thought Suntech was solid, and if anything, buying on weak report would benefit me. What I did not expect, was the the extreme soft guidance.

I did buy more around $35, but with the numbers going forward, I’m hesitant to build a position.

By far the best name in the space is [[FSLR]], if you decided you need a tan.

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