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South Update:

Gunner’s squad looks like it ran out of energy, as Jeffpaz and his team nailed the [[TGT]]

Breaking out might need a cigarette after this match up, as [[MO]] & [[JOYG]] look to play in overtime.

Same goes for [[RJA]] & [[GIGM]], overtime BABY!

Boomer looks like he will advance after committing a few deadly sins/fouls, however he stay faithful to his lover [[BOOM]] and will advance to the next round.

Mrkcbill looks to have strangle hold on Woody with his pick in [[LOGI]]. Still to early to call this one.

Matt and Slater are having one of the sloppiest games of the tournament. No comment on this one.

Yeomps and his squad [[PBR]] will advance and take on Danny’s pharma squad [[POZN]]. Should be interesting.

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North Update:

Mdawsz looks to have secured the win over Leawood with his pick in Thompson Creek Metals [[TC]]. It looks like he will face Mr Chuck Bennett, and his all star short Palladium team [[PAL]].

Buylo looks to have knocked out Mike with his all star Gold Miners ETF [[GDX]]. He will face employee #8 and his highly talented squad Ivanhoe [[IVN]], this will be a highly anticipated be match up.

Disgrace puts it on the #1 stunter, aka Birdman, with his late 3rd quarter rally / [[DECK]] short. Note: In honor of his victory, Disgrace has agreed to play his next game wearing the highly fashionable UGG boots. He will need all the help he can get, because his next opponent will be the team with the most momentum [[MTL]]. As you know MTL defeated the Ragin’ Cajuns.

It looks like The Fly has come from behind will his veteran short squad [[WM]], and put it on the Asian kids from WSF. No one is sure who the fly will face next, as [[PWRD] & [[MMR]] are neck and neck going into the fourth.

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I guess I will have to admit defeat to Mr. BigGainsHunter.

His pick in [[MTL]] has been unreal, while [[TSO]] is in the toilet, thanks to [[WNR]] posting terrible margins.

What hurts even more is that my original pick was [[AAPL]].

In other news my short ETFs are doing well today, it helps to have some kind of downward exposure on days like this.

Keep an eye on [[GENC]] has been on fire lately.

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