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Elite Eight

Let’s take a look and see who will advance to the Elite Eight.


Buylo is all over Chuck Benett with his pick in [[GDX]]

The Fly looks to be defeated by furry boots, thanks in part to FED intervention.


Adam puts it on Jose with [[RJA]], as commodities hit record levels this week.

I was pulling for you Woody, but with Brazil & Oil [[PBR]] on the same team it’s hard to win.


Q4 looks to be the favorite as [[AEM]] is on a mission to destroy opponents.

Anything can happen with [[FSLR]] on your team, this one is too close to call.


My man Alphadawg looks to advance with his breakout team [[CALM]]. By the way [[BIDU]] was amazing yesterday.

So sorry Green, but [[WLT]] is on fire and breaking out.

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UPL: Breakout

[[UPL]] Approaching new highs (52-week high 81.33)


Note: [[EOG]] ripping as well

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Bounce back

[[RIMM]] back to $120

[[MA]] back to $220

[[AAPL]] back to $150

[[MELI]] back to $50

[[STP]] back to $40

[[UA]] back to $40

[[ISRG]] back to $300

[[VMW]] Back to $50

[[GOOG]] back to $500

[[BIDU]] back to $300

[[SIGM]] back to $80 (Since I no longer have a position.)

Feel free to get drunk and buy stocks again.

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Quick note:

Earlier today, I tried to bet against [[POT]] and was smoked.

When asked, “Would you like some pot?” just say Yes.


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