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Contest Update:

Registration closed, we have more than enough people.

However, if you are a financial blogger and would like to enter, feel free to post you pick and kick somebody off.

Note: You try blogging for free with no appreciation from others, that’s why bloggers get first priority.

Update on bracket. It is not final yet, I left a few spots open for financial bloggers (Howard, Option Addict, Barry, Chris P, ect.)

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iBankcoin Presents March Madness!


Welcome to the annual iBC stock tournament. We will have 64 stock picks competing against one another, each week, for the championship prize. To enter, simply leave your name and stock pick in the comment section.

Rules: Your stock must outperform your opponent for the week to advance. Contest will run for six weeks with the championship falling on the same week as the NCAA tournament.

Note: Stock must be over $5

Contest starts Monday, and no duplicates. Spaces are limited, make sure to enter soon.

Here is the bracket, feel free to place you bets.


Wow, I did not expect such a quick response to the contest. I’m curious to know if some of the names are made up, as people try to enter two stock picks. I will leave registration open for 2 more days with Financial bloggers getting first dibs to the tournament. After that, it’s on a first come first serve basis.

Date Bump: Contest starts Monday!

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Closing Comments:

Today was a win for the bulls. Big gains were found again in Energy and Basic Materials.

I am amazed to see the seed companies continue to climb higher. Fly made a great point yesterday stating too much money is flowing into the sector. The money has to come out at some point, and when it does [[SMN]] is your play.

Note to financial bloggers: it’s not to late to sign up for the final four, registration ends tomorrow.

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STP: Sold @ 39.93

Just when you thought the Cajun lost his touch, he comes right back to double up his STP position, at the lows, and comes out ahead for the day.

Note: My other buys from yesterday look great [[PBR]] & [[SIGM]]

Note II: DT is gay!

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