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Click here to watch playoff

Check out what Jim Mora has to say (Remix video):

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWXBxghasp4&feature 450 300]

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DFS: Bought @ 14.70

Sold @ 14.85. The market is too weak, decided to take the trade off.

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So Sorry!

If you got knocked out the tournament, sorry. (If you forgot, iBC is not a democracy.)

However, I have decided to do a playoff.

If you did not make it into the tourney, you have one last shot based on tomorrow’s performance. Whoever has the highest % gain will win the final spot.

Click here to view playoff.

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Busy Day, Contest Update:

Since the contest has been moved up a week, I am allowing you to change you pick, if desired.

To change your pick leave a comment, picks will be final as of 10 pm (ET)  tonight.

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