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We Are Headed Lower

Short Ideas:

[[CMG]] looking for a break below $111.00


[[MFE]] strong close below the 50 day








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Yet again, The Fly looks like he may pull another upset late in the final quarter.

How about the financials, look at [[WM]] go, i mean fall. His opponent [[PBR]] looks ready to roll over. And, just for kicks, bring up a chart of [[LEH]]

If The Fly can win this week, he may have a shot at winning the tournament, as he will most likely be facing Matt. No way [[FSLR]] continues a move higher next week.

Check tournament play here

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Early Action

Looking at price action this morning, I would say we end lower today. The easiest trade might be to short anything that moving higher. However, I’m not willing to make any bets.

Note: [[LEH]] future looks bleak.

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