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Weekend links

C’mon, I have 64 contestants and only 6 Diggs. You can do better than that, work with me. Get digging! or get [[DUG]]

Howard appears to be the favorite, followed by Gio from intuitive traders.

The Slope of Hope’s new design is pretty damn cool.

[[SIGM]] moment of truth, I bought some on Friday.

Check this out, The Afternoon Rally

Weekend Fly-by

Who’s #1

Monster has some competition from vitamin water.

I gave up soda for lent, turns out to be a good thing

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  • LDK Solar LDK
  • Lowe’s Companies LOW
  • Nordstrom JWN
  • Orient-Express Hotels OEH
  • Sotheby’s BID
  • Radio Shack RSH



  • Dynegy DYN
  • Salesforce.com CRM
  • Toll Brothers TOL
  • Titanium Metals TIE


  • Freddie Mac FRE
  • Deckers Outdoor DECK
  • Fluor Corporation FLR
  • Hansen Natural HANS
  • Leap Wireless LEAP
  • Sprint Nextel Corporation S
  • XM Satellite Radio XMSR


  • Petrobras Energía Participaciones PZE
  • Fannie Mae FNM

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Stock Madness

Welcome everybody, to the first annual Stock Madness Tournament. I will need everyone to check in and make sure your information is correct. If you did not make the cut, “So Sorry.” Tournament kicks off Monday at 9:30am (ET), get your popcorn ready!

(Click picture to view bracket)


Brought to you by iBankCoin.com in association with MadStocks.com.

Sponsored by INO.com

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MBI is the winner!

Correction: Due to the delay in prices, thanks to [[GOOG]] 2nd tier finance page, [[MBI]] is the winner.

Congrats Zip Mcdingle, whoever you are. Final Results

Note: Wathen came in a close 2nd with his late pick in [[TSO]], if I should win, I will share the prize with Mr. Wathen.

Update: After having a discussion with the president, employee #8 has been entered into the tournament. Somebody will be kicked off shorty. Bracket will be finalized Sunday night.


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