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Workplace Networks Have to be Well Planned

A company in today’s world needs to have some sort of network set up if there are several employees needing access. Managing that network can cause headaches for small companies. There is a reason that networking has specialized troubleshooting certificates. A company needs to know what options they have, especially as there are so many choices. There are several ways to decide, but it all starts out with research and planning. Decide what is needed now, then plan for adding more for growth. With computers, always plan for adding more of everything.


Speed thoughts


There are two main considerations when in the starting phases of setting up a network. A company must decide whether they want the network to be wired or wireless. Wired will give better speed and less lag. Wireless keeps the workplace less cluttered and allows for laptops. This may seem to be a simple decision, but once made there is different hardware to consider. Both of these can be implemented at the same time, as well. A company just needs to decide how their office is going to be set up and the amount of security required.


Network set up


Once the way the computers are connected, the way the network interacts needs to be decided next. It needs to be decided if the internet and network are only for company employees, or if visitors will have some access. Network security needs to be a strong consideration. Corporate espionage, hackers, and similar issues arise all too frequently. The next consideration is whether the employees are monitored. That may not be an issue with a small company, but as a company grows, it may become more important.


Connecting sites


When a company starts growing, it will need to connect the various locations they will have. There is also the growing of the network at the main office. This will need network bridges, such as tap networking, to connect the various parts. Make sure that the security is solid through every part. A network bridge, if done incorrectly, can be ripe for allowing in unwanted visitors. One of the reasons for using something like a tap for the bridge is to provide a little more of the needed security.


Maintaining once set up


Maintaining the network will be the most boring and most necessary part of the network. A company will have to decide whether they will hire a person or bring in an outside contractor. Small companies may go with an outsider, just to save money. Remember that some education can help, if an employee is hired in that is willing to pull double duty. Management needs to understand how to make it work without producing undue stress.


A workplace will need some network connectivity. It will need to be researched at the beginning, because it is an important decision. If the set up is too much for people within the company, there are outside options. Make sure of what is needed before anything is started, though. At no point in the process should someone not be ready for what will be required. That knowledge will save money and time.


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3 Softwares That Will Save You Time At Work

tModern business software plays an integral role in business operations today. They are indispensable for many businesses because they significantly lower expenses by reducing the need for manual work. They also save businesses a lot of time because their productivity capability is faster than humans. The right software for a business may prove to be an invaluable asset. It can make the business more productive, efficient and also save it a lot of money


Document Automation Software

A document assembly system assists businesses in creating documents. They save time and money because they eliminate the need to manually type or input information onto documents. Law firms particularly benefit from document automation because they deal with a tremendous amount of paperwork. An example of the software’s productivity is their capability in populating data onto contracts, deeds and wills. Rather than have a human manually type-up a specific contract, the document automation system does it automatically in a matter of minutes. The financial services industry also benefits from this software because it automates writing mortgage related documents. The software is able to do these tasks by using a level of document artificial intelligence. The application also becomes smarter with increased use. This kind of system will reduce the number of employees needed to perform document creation. This will save any company a lot of money. The software is also faster and in conjunction with citrix printing will comprise a complete documentation system.


Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a software solution that performs a multitude of tasks that improves customer relationship. The gist of the software is that it stores customer and client information in one database. It’s able to do this by collecting information from emails, phone calls, live chat and even social media. The customer’s data is also continuously updated so as their preferences change so does the data. It saves money because this kind of information is what companies pay for. The data analysis that the CRM performs also saves time because it integrates sales, marketing and customer service into one place. This immensely valuable information can then be used by businesses to target their customers better. Rather than aimlessly send promotional offers that wastes money and time. A company can use the CRM database to offer a customer a product or service that they are more likely to buy.


Supply Chain Management Software

SCM software assists companies in logistics of a supply chain. It ensures that the supply chain is stable. One of the ways this is achieved is by a forecasting feature that businesses use to void disruptions. This alone saves companies money because they know exactly what and how much of a product is being produced. With a SCMS, they also know in real-time the status of their warehouse inventory. Additionally, businesses can also know which products are selling most. This seamless integration of various aspects of a business operation would otherwise require many man hours. Any business that manufactures and sells products will gain a lot of control of their business with a supply chain management software.

Business software can be a great asset for any business. They perform important tasks that improve productivity. Law firms, and financial organizations that create substantial amounts of documents will benefit by using a document automation system. Business that sell products and offer services will be able to target their customers better with customer relationship management software. Businesses that depend on a stable supply chain will be more efficient with a software that manages their production and distribution. The right software will help any business save money and time by reducing the need for costly manual work.

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Your Employees Make Your Business Run, So Only Hire The Best

It is the goal of any organization to be competitive enough and dominate the market. This will help the firm to attract a huge number of customers and a significant market share. These factors will guarantee the business a solid and secure future such that another companies in the same industry will not displace it. However, if you want your organization to succeed and be the market leader, you need to hire the best employees. These are some of the important strategies that will help you get the best employees.


Seek Recommendation

Sometimes it’s difficult to get the best employees working for you through the normal hiring process. Therefore, you will need the support of your friends, the support of your colleagues, and the recommendation of your employees. Some of them have extensive networks, and they know experts working in a particular area or an individual who is talented but is not attached for any organization. Encourage your employees by asking them to recommend to you the best workers out there who they think can help the company grow so that you can hire them. You should be cautious that the employees recommended to you have the best training because some people might recommend their friends who do not have the necessary training.


Use Your LinkedIn Account

Technology is part of the business, and there is no way organizations can operate without incorporating advanced methods in their operations. You can update your LinkedIn profile so that you can see people with the right skills and training who have worked in your industry. This will give you an opportunity to research on the go using a mobile ATS and attract them to your company.


Hire from within

Sometimes the complex nature of your company means that all workers working in the company have been trained for more than a year before they could understand the whole system and work with ease. This means that getting the best employees from the market is difficult for you. The skills that you need in your company can only be trained in your company but not within the college system. The best strategy would promote from within because the new workers you will be promoting will have the necessary skills to work in the company. In the vacant positions remaining after promoting, you can develop talent incubation centers where you will be training employees to get the necessary skills to work in the company.


Head Pick

This is a strategy that involves picking the best employees that you might have heard of from your employees or other sources from the industry. This means that you will need to bypass the traditional recruitment process because you think this individuals already have the necessary skills that you have been looking for and the only thing you need to do is offering this individual an offer. However, be prepared to part with a significant package as some of these individuals already have a good job or want to work in their businesses. You must give a better offer so that you can justify to them why they need to join your company.


Poaching from Competitors

Your organization is obviously competing with a significant number of companies which have experienced and well-trained employees. This might explain why your business has not been able to penetrate the market as you might have hoped. After conducting extensive research and determining the employees pushing your competitors above you, ‘poach’ them and bring them at the helm of your company so that they can push your company to achieve its intended goals and objectives. They already know the market and some few tips about your competitors which will help you to strategize and outperform them.

These strategies will give you an opportunity to hire the best employees not only those seeking employment opportunities but also those working for your competitors who have the necessary industrial training.

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How Happy Employees Boost Your Revenue

running a startup

When business owners motivate their employees and increase engagement, businesses succeed. In the age of technology, businesses need their employees to produce more efficient work to increase revenue. It is human nature to have an increase in energy, be less stressed, have more creativity, and help others when when we are happy. According to a study conducted by economists at the University of Warwick, happy employees resulted in a 12 percent increase in productivity, and unsatisfied employees were 10 percent less productive.

Although some may believe that salary is why the majority of people leave jobs, pay isn’t usually the case. Research has shown that salary isn’t typically the primary cause of people leaving their jobs. The main reason people leave their jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated and valued. Here are some ways that business owners and managers can improve revenue through happy employees.


Build a Solid Foundation of Trust

When employees don’t feel trusted to complete the duties of their jobs, it can hinder their ability to solve problems and cause a lack in confidence. By letting your employees know that you trust in their abilities, it will give them a sense of value and optimize their contribution to the success of the business.


Provide Employees with a Positive Workplace

When business owners encourage their employees to be themselves, it creates a seamless transition between work/home life. When employees can be themselves at work, they can relax and produce better work. Games, fun activities, and laughter can be excellent ways to relieve tension and create a bond among employees.

Be sure to acknowledge skills and qualities that are seen in employees because it is a vital factor when it comes to employee engagement. Thomas Britt is psychologist at Clemson University and stated if individuals are not provided with the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents, their level of engagement and commitment will significantly diminish.


Give Employees Perks

When employees are given perks, such as good insurance, free lunch one day per week, or casual Fridays, they feel valued and appreciated. There are many companies that use benefits to increase employee productivity, which may include free memberships to fitness centers, childcare, or the choice to work remotely once per week.


Use a Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

What is HRIS? It’s a software program that can be used to help those in the human resources department increase productivity. Although employees in the human resources department primarily use this type of software, it benefits employees in every department. With the use of HRIS, there will be less issues with payroll and benefits. There are also HRIS programs that have self-service features that provides employees with increased engagement.


Give Employees Opportunities for Growth

If business owners provide their employees with opportunities for career growth, it will enhance the skill sets of employees, which will boost productivity and revenue. In addition, by giving employees the chance to grow, it lets them know that you believe in their potential and are worth the investment. There are many companies that offer compensation for attending conferences and workshops, education, and mentor programs.


Establish Goals

When your employees are provided with specific, challenging goals, it will help them work to their fullest potential. Even if an employee is tasked with assembling a small product, he or she should understand every step of the procedure with a clear goal of how many he or she will assemble during their shift. Goals that are clearly stated and defined provide employees with a guide that helps them accomplish their goals and recognize their progress. According to a study conducted at the University of Alberta, employees who are focused on their goals show a 60 percent decline in absenteeism.

A business is only as successful as those who help it function, and when a business owner keeps his or her employees happy, it helps the whole business thrive.

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Investing In Your Future: Asking For A Promotion

If you want to move forward with career plans, there are few things as important as having the nerve to ask for a promotion. How you decide to take this important step is critical. Whether you hire an executive business coach to help you move ahead in your career or you do your own research, taking control of your life and career takes courage.


Do Your Research and Get Prepared

Being prepared for an important conversation is always recommended. The information you need is already available. Most professionals recommend asking some specific questions about how other people got ahead. This is a smart way to get ready to ask for a promotion.

Once you have completed your research, it is time to put a plan of action together. Writing down your accomplishments and the reasons why you deserve a promotion into management represents a smart way to approach this task. Be sure to use quantifiable metrics to support your claims whenever you can. Stay away from vague and subjective language since that can weaken your case.

Since management is about problem solving, coming up with a list of problems you have solved is a logical way to remind yourself of past achievements. Compiling a one to two page fact sheet is recommended.

Get some feedback from trusted colleagues about whether they think you are ready for the position. Finding coworkers you trust to discuss this with will help you get prepared for this “all important” conversation.

Forbes suggests taking on added responsibilities to pave the way for asking for a promotion. That will help your case.


Carefully Decide on the Timing of Your Promotion Request

The adage that “timing is everything” are words that certainly apply to any discussion where one party is trying to win over the other party. Inc. recommends not jumping the gun when you ask for a promotion. It is important that you have had time to prove yourself in the position you’re in before asking for a promotion.

The worst case scenario would be to seek a promotion before you could boast about achievements in your current position. Not only would you lose credibility, you might harm your chances for future opportunities. Proceed with caution and be sure you can explain why you are worthy of a promotion.

There are some obvious times when it is ill advised to approach the subject of a promotion. For example, if the company is laying off people due to economic hardships, that would indicate that asking for a promotion and a raise would not make sense.

With that said, when a job becomes available due to a resignation or promotion, you should take it. You never know when another opening will come open.


Make Your Case

When you’re ready, approach your superior and ask them for a meeting. Discuss your career goals and make sure they understand why you are ready to move into another role. Explain the extra duties that you have taken on and talk about your achievements. Any time you can talk about the duties you are performing that are already above your pay grade, you are proving that you are worthy and ready for the next step.

Be sure to discuss all of your “wins” using numbers when you can. By reviewing this information right before the meeting, the facts will be on the tip of your tongue, ready to be retrieved. Focus some of your conversation on how you have handled personnel challenges since management routinely deals with delicate human resource issues.



Moving up the corporate ladder is about more than your technical skills. It is your communication skills that will pave the way into management. By preparing for the meeting and practicing the key points you want to make, you plan for success.

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How To Bring Millennial Talent To Your Workplace

Older individuals make up most of the current workforce. It can be difficult to understand and relate to a younger generation. To help, I will share with you my how-to guide so you feel prepared to add millennials to your work team.

Don’t Hesitate

Millennials are living in a fast-paced world, and their job is no different. Studies show that millennials are getting more and more job offers, so they have earned the right to be picky about the job they want. In other words, if you are considering hiring a well-qualified millennial, don’t wait to make the offer. They are likely to be receiving other offers!

Go Green

The average millennial cares more about the environment than the average member of previous generations. If you show that you are doing your part to conserve the beautiful Earth, then it is more likely that Millennials will consider your company. You need to keep up-to-date on Green energy and do your best to include environmentally beneficial practices in your business. Having a smaller carbon footprint feels good, and it helps to create a great culture.


Utilize their Recruiting Talent

Theories on how to find employees can vary, but millennials are great at recruiting each other. They like to work with their friends. Some companies are able to find great talent simply by telling their current employees that they need a new hire. The average millennial is very connected with former schoolmates, colleagues, and friends. Through all of these connections, you might find your next great employee.

Additionally, once you have a few millennials in the workplace, other millennials will feel more comfortable working with your company because they will not be alone!


Understand Them

Millennials don’t typically act the same in the workplace as Gen X’ers or Baby Boomers. They were raised in a different way, and you need to understand their differences. They aren’t aliens though. Treat them like humans and try to understand what they bring to the table.

Millennials, like any other generation, have expectations of their employer. The first thing a lot of millennials look for is the opportunity to keep learning. A lot of millennials are fresh out of school and have the desire and drive to keep learning. So, if you are looking to hire millennials, make sure that you have plenty of options for them to expand their knowledge! This will also help your company in the long run. They will be able to bring their new-found knowledge back and share it with the other employees.

Since many are new graduates, a lot of them have student loans hovering over their heads. If you offer loan repayment programs, this can be a very attractive feature of your company that sets you apart from the rest. Keep this in mind if you are specifically looking to hire individuals from the millennial age group.

While you do not have to incorporate all of the ideas into your personal guide for hiring millennials, incorporating one or more is a great way to get millennials interested in your company! You may also find that your other employees like these structural changes and you will have an excited group of people on your hands that are ready to work and be productive!

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How First Aid Training Can Boost Workplace Morale

It is the employer’s legal responsibility to provide for the health and safety needs of their employees. The employer should make sure that, if an accident happens or someone has gotten sick, the employee receives immediate care. If a nearby clinic is not equipped to care for significant injuries, the employer should see to it that the employee gets transported to the nearest hospital.

However, in cases wherein there are no nearby hospitals, clinics or infirmary, Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) states that someone in the industry should know about first aid training. Employing someone who is equipped with first aid training is a definite plus in the workplace since accidents and illness aren’t running on a schedule. Accidents happen anytime and especially when you least expect them.

First Aid
As much as possible, first aid training is required for all workers. A risk assessment should be conducted to find out the company’s first aid needs. If the workplace is low-risk, the first aid kit should have the necessary tools for the usual cuts and abrasions. If it’s a high-risk workplace, then the first aid kit should include tools for initial treatments of the injury.

Employee Training
One way for an employer to prepare for future accident or illness situation is for them to conduct first aid trainings to their employees. For financial reasons, some employers select employees in each department to attend the training session. It would be better, however, if most of the employees receive training to reduce the severity of an accident.

For example, cardiac arrest happens to people of all ages, anywhere, and at any time. If you look at the 2017 reports done by the American Heart Association, 37.4% of cardiac arrest victims survived due to the help of bystanders who performed immediate first aid before help arrived. If ever this happens in the workplace, employees who have undergone first aid training will have to be the first responder. Usually, Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) training is being given together with the first aid training. However, if this is not the case, there is ACLS online training provided for people who are too busy to attend a scheduled on-site class.

Providing first aid training to employees can also be advantageous for the company since this will be tailored based on the nature of the business. If the industry is in food retail, then the training would be different for a BPO company.

Customize to Your Workplace
To ensure that you have provided adequate training and facilities to your employees, employers should consider the hazards of the workplace and the size of the organization. Ensuring the safety of your employees can produce high morale in the workplace. This often leads to a positive attitude towards work which in turn will lead to the efficiency and effectivity of the employee. This will also reduce accidents since employees who have a positive attitude towards their job often exercise self-discipline and follow safety procedures.

Immediate Benefits
Employers will also give their employees the confidence to do what needs to be done in the event of an accident. Usually, people who lack the training tends to panic. However, with training, the employee will be able to act accordingly. They will be more aware of the problem surrounding the incident and will be able to ask the appropriate question in relation to the accident. This will help reduce further damage because they will be able to effectively manage the situation without getting overwhelmed.

The immediate response of the trained employee will also help in the recovery time of the victim which will lessen the impact of having an employee being absent from work. This can also help your employees outside of work since they can use it on themselves and on a variety of people who may need their assistance.

Providing first aid training and refresher trainings will give your employees time to bond with each other since this will also serve as a team-building exercise for them. Ensuring the safety of the employees will help create a healthy working environment which will result in high productivity for the company.

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