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Good Roles In The Finance Industry

The Different Careers That Are Available In The Finance Industry


There are many different types of careers that are available in the finance industry. They are on the levels of upper management, middle management, and less sophisticated jobs such as a bank teller. As an individual you have to ask yourself what sector would you like to work in because the financial industry is a huge industry and there is a lot of opportunity available. You have to consider that you may want to work in another industry such as engineering and you will have to ask yourself this question should I be an engineer. Once you have made the decision that you would like to move forward with the financial industry here are the different sectors that you could focus your studies on or consider applying for a position in. You can apply in the fields of accountancy, investment management, banking, and insurance. A career in finance entails working around money and offering the best products and services to your customers.


Mid-Tier Jobs That Are Offered In The Financial Sector


In the financial industry there are different tiers of jobs as it is in any industry but this industry in particular. You have your upper management jobs which are your chief executive officers, chief operating officers, and chief financial officers etc. In this section of this article were going to focus more on your mid-level jobs. The jobs where you may not need a master’s degree or PhD. These are the jobs that may require on-the-job training, an associate degree, and at the max a bachelor degree. An individual who is not that skilled or a new college graduate can apply for the following positions a bank teller, loan officer, branch manager, and marketing. One of the great things about working in the finance industry is that even if you start at one of these positions hard work and continuing education can rise you up the ranks quickly and is industry. The financial industry is so huge there is something for everyone regardless of your level of education there is always entry level positions that can allow an individual to get their foot in the door.


Corporate Positions In The Financial Industry 


When working in a corporate position in the financial industry it is very different than working as a loan officer. You are responsible for million dollar deals such as acquisitions and mergers. You must have excellent knowledge of what you are doing because doing these type of deals and dealing with this type of money can be stressful. When in a corporate position whatever you are assigned to do you must always keep in mind to maximize corporate value and reduce financial risk. Here is some of the duties for an individual in a corporate position you will set up a company’s financial strategy, you must be able to forecast profits and losses, you must know how to negotiate lines of credit, and prepare financial statements for the company. Here are some of the different sectors that an individual can apply for corporate positions they are commercial banking, investment banking, hedge funds, financial planning, and many more. These are some of the following positions that you can apply for in corporate finance they are financial analyst, credit analyst, credit manager, cash manager, benefits manager, investor relations officer, and the list just goes on and on of the positions that are available.

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