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Adult Pool Games and Party Ideas

While the kids are busy playing Marco Polo this summer, you may be wondering how you can do more than float around the pool like a bump on a log. Luckily, there are a variety of fun pool games for adults even if they are not quite as famous as Marco Polo. It takes a fun crowd and maybe some ambient lighting at night to really get the adults interested in the wilder side of the pool party. Hosting an adults-only pool party is the perfect method for introducing mandatory participation and the preparation necessary to make the night intense. You can invite your guests via social media or simply send them formal beach-themed invitations that specify adults-only, no children.


The fun starts off by hosting a great meal. Ordering takeout from your favorite high-end Indian restaurant and putting out a large buffet is a hassle-free idea that also elevates the quality of the experience. This is like taking your friends out to a gourmet restaurant. You can also prepare some light and zesty summer dishes like Hawaiian chicken, cold cuts, and garden salads. If you decorate your pool with tiki torches and other Hawaiian or beach theme decorations, you will raise the atmosphere to special occasion status. People like to bring their best personality forward when events are more formal and memorable.


Getting everyone switched over into their swimsuits after the meal is useful for also creating a digestion delay. Using a sign to make sure all the guests know where to find your bathroom or changing area is good planning if you are hosting a large volume of guests. Having a quality sound system is essential to making the poolside experience memorable. Inviting your guests to recommend their favorite songs is an important part of hosting.


You may want to consider adding light up LED or glow in the dark pool equipment. You can run strings of LED lights around anything and find pool balls and other toys that are meant for night swimming. Tossing some glow sticks into the pool and racing to fetch them is a fun game to play in the dark. Beach Volleyball, Hydro Lacrosse, floating green golf, and inflatable wall climbing are just some of the more formal equipment-based games you can play and purchase at Custom Pools San Diego or your regional outlet.


Chicken Fights are a great way to get hands-on and take your party to the next level. In the pool, either man or woman can play the chicken. The concept is simply to let someone hold onto your back, while the opponent tries to dislodge them from their mounted position and into the water. Splash contests are another fun and simple method of centralizing the game around the pool as the focal point.


If you are hosting a larger event, you may want to consider team-oriented games. Tug of War is an easy contest to set up in the pool. Investing in the right kind of rope that is not too rough on the hands is probably the hardest part of making this game a success. Greased Watermelon is another team-spirited game where teams try to pass the greased watermelon rapidly through a chain of hands to the end of the pool for a point.


Sharks and Minnows is game that allows your guests to prove their pool dexterity. In this game, the shark tries to tag the minnows as they swarm and swim from the opposite end of the pool. The minnows who are caught then become helpers in fencing off swimmers for the shark. The last one caught becomes the shark for the next game.


These are just a few ideas. We have briefly touched on some ideas to host a pool party and the variety of adult games available. Think outside the box to come up with new ideas to top each pool party. Be sure to draw the allegiance of guests by promising each party to be better than the last.


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