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Why Economic Growth is Important For Your Business

When a business is looking to expand they must have economic development. This will allow the company to continue to grow and will allow for some security. An economic development board can help make sure the business is making progress and find ways for them to expand.

In the world of business economic development and economic growth will increase the number of products that the company is putting out. This will also look at the value of goods and services over a specific period to make sure the company is making money and they are expanding their business at the same time. People are in business to make money. If they are not making a profit or if they are not expanding then they need to work towards this growth and find out what is preventing an increase in business.



If a business does not focus on economic development at best their earnings will stay the same and that is if they do not shrink. As the economy changes for better or for worse the business needs to make some changes to keep up with it. They need to remain relevant to their customers. If this does not happen the business may not be able to survive. They need to have new customers as well as repeat business.


Quality staff

For the business to provide quality products and services they need to have quality people as part of their staff. In addition to keeping solid staff members the business needs to be able to give them fair wages as well as periodic raises for their performance. To do this they need to grow. If the employees do not get additional resources they will move on to another business that will be able to provide these needs. If quality employees leave the company than so will the customers if they are not receiving the customer service that they expect. Health care is also an important topic when it comes to employees. Employees are looking for jobs that will provide them healthcare and will help provide this coverage for their family as well. if the business is not making money they cannot provide these services to their employees and the employee will move on to another company that can help them.



In business, there will always be competition. It does not matter which niche a person is operating in, there will always be another business that will be looking to provide the services and take business from their competitors. If a business is not growing or expanding then the competition will overrun the business and their customers will move on. The business needs to have the money to keep up with the changing demands of the customers. They need to provide the products and the services that are relevant to the customers. If the customers are not getting what they need from a business they will move on to another one that can meet their needs and their demands. If the business is not able to grow economically they will then no longer be relevant to the customers. The business will not be able to create additional jobs. They will not be able to hire more employees or advance some of the employees that they already have. The employees may also move on to the competition and this can hurt the company that they are working for.
These are some of the reasons why economic development is important for the business. This will keep the business going strong. If a business is not developing they will not make the profits they need to keep on operating and working with customers.

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Simple Investing Tips For Beginners

Nowadays, pretty much everyone is looking for new and different ways to make a little extra cash. Investing has always been one great way to make extra money. Although it can seem like an overwhelming idea investing can help you make extra money while also giving you new business venture ideas. Below are just a few key tips to keep in mind when investing.


Start Small


One of the most important things to keep in mind when investing is to start small. Begin with a small amount of funds and casually work your way up. How much you invest should be determined by how much you make as well as what your monthly bills are. Salaries for web designer jobs are typically higher than a salary for a receptionist so they may be able to invest more at one time.


Only Invest In Trusted Sources


Another key thing to keep in mind when first starting out in the investing world is only invest in trusted sources. In these busy internet times there are tons and tons of sites many of which are just looking to take advantage of unsuspecting people. Instead always research the companies you are investing in as well as the companies you are investing with.


Learn The Basics


Once you have decided to start investing it is important to learn the basics of it. Although you may not find out all of the little details and facts that go into investing it is important to learn the key stuff. Some areas to start include the basic terminology that is used as well as how to read stocks.


Be Leery Of Commissions


While it is not uncommon to be charged some type of commission by stockbrokers and other investors be sure to do research to avoid being ripped off. Many will attempt to sell high-priced products that sometimes can be useless.


Ask Around


Once individuals start investing in the market they will often find that many of their friends or family members also invest. Before investing any funds ask around to friends, family members and even co-workers for any suggestion of stocks they may have invested in. It is a simple way to get some examples about different investment ideas.


Speak With Your Employer


Many are unaware that a lot of companies offer a 401k or other form of employee retirement plan. Some allow you to invest a small percentage of your paycheck which not only allows you to invest in something new but can also help you possibly get a tax deduction in the end.


Stay Informed


Keeping yourself informed of what is going on in the market can help you to make better decisions in the long run. It is especially important to follow any thing you have invested in so you know day to day where your money is


Overall there are many different things you must think about before investing. Although it can be a great way to make extra money it can also come with a few downfalls. Be sure to do research before and always use common sense; if something seems too good to be true, it often is.        


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A Few Investment Safety Tips

Like it or not, no stock investment is risk-free. However, there are some things that you can do to ensure that they are secured. While no one else can make your stock decisions for you, it is never wise to make any decisions hastily and without some educated advice. Here are a few wise tips to make sure you know at least a little.


It’s Best to Start with an Emergency Fund


Whether or not you currently have that amount in your account, it’s always best to strive for at least six months worth of funds. If you don’t, just remember that it’s better to have at least one emergency account instead of none at all. If you can, try to put at least a third of your income into your savings every month.


Especially with the increasing inflation these days, it is not unselfish to pay yourself first. In doing so, you are also able to help both yourself and others.


Consider Your Risk Comfort Zone


As stated above, no investment is without risk. Investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. is a bit like gambling in a casino. Only there’s absolutely no guarantee that you’re going to get returns or lose. As a result, you should never invest more than you’re comfortable with losing. If you have some short-term goals, this is where cash investments may be appropriate. Also remember that most securities are not federally insured.


Occasionally Rebalance Your Portfolio


In the case of your stock portfolio, re-balancing means bringing your asset allocation to where it was originally. In this way, you can ensure that your assets don’t become imbalanced. When they do, one asset is overemphasized and that can be an unfair drain to the others.


Remember the Scammers Often Look Like the Real Thing Now


Investment scammers trek popular news headlines to educate themselves on how to look more like the real thing. Whenever you’re not sure, the best thing you can do is question the source. If they get mad or their answers are vague, chances are, they are not genuine. It is also wise to keep track of common investment frauds, such as pyramid schemes and promises of high returns for doing nothing but handing over your money.


How to Find a Business’s Merchant Code


Unfortunately, a lot of bank tellers don’t know what an MCC code is. MCC stands for merchant category code. It is the four-digit number that businesses accepting cards are assigned by the credit networks. They are used to track your purchases on your statement. Sometimes they’re also used to prevent over-priced purchases such as at hotels.


Fortunately, you don’t need to ask a teller anymore. You can easily find a business’s MCC through the IRS list.




Hopefully the information above gives you a little bit of an idea of how you can maintain safety as an advisor. For more information, you can Google the SEC’s latest on investing. Once you start investing, it is very important to stay updated on the latest in safety tips.


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Investing in Automobile Manufactures

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The auto industry contributes over 518 billion dollars to the United States gross domestic product or GDP. The US is also the second largest producer of automobiles in the world. China is the largest producer of autos. It is safe to say that putting your money into the stock of automobile manufacturers is a wise investment. You do have to do your due diligence and research the companies. Here are some of the details to think about when investing in auto manufacturing.


Which Auto Manufacturer to Invest In


Daimler, Toyota, and Volkswagen are the three top auto corporations. Daimler representing Mercedes and other names. In 2018 the shareholders for Daimler enjoyed a 6.18 euro per share return on their investment. This dividend figure was down from the year before, but any auto company investment is long term. The ups and downs are normal. You have to research for which auto manufacturer you want to invest in. If it is going to be a long term investment, you want to look to the future and see where the companies are going. The big question is about electric cars. It is no secret that gas cars cause a lot of damage to the environment. The electric car is most probably going to be strong in the near future?


Gas or Electric, The Future is Near


The electric car tried to become popular some years ago but was squashed by Ford. The electric car has its share of problems like charging stations and batteries blowing up, but they are perfecting the electric every day. So when thinking about which car manufacturer to invest in, you might want to invest in the companies that are making or have made electric cars. The auto manufacturers and designers who have dealt with the electric car before will be far ahead of others who have not.


Risk in Auto Investing


Like every investment, there is a risk. When investing in auto manufacturing corporations there are a few things to think about. Cars are depreciating assets, they are recalled, they cause deaths and so many other issues that can be liabilities. It also costs a lot to manufacture cars. The manufacturing of cars comes first and then the dealers sell them. There is no guarantee that all the cars are going to be sold. So understanding the obstacles that the auto industry is up against not including fierce competition. It is important to do research on the past, present, and future of the car corporation you are interested in investing in. Talking with other investors helps also. They can share their thoughts on the companies. It is good to pick a company that you think makes good desirable cars or a good line of mid size truck styles that truck lovers desire.


Investing in auto manufacturing is a stable investment for the most part. We will need cars far into the future. If you invest in the car manufacturing industry just make sure you watch the investment. There are changes that can occur that will drop the profits. It is good to be ahead of the game. Things like the cost of materials, the cost of gas and the economy play major parts in how well auto companies do. The better information you have, the better choices you can make on your investment.


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Why Investing in Stocks can Give you more Play Money

Investing in the stock market does not have to be scary. If you do your homework and study up on a company, you can do well. One way to do good at investing, is to invest in companies that have something in common with you. You are more apt to know about the market of the products if it is something you really like.


For example, let’s say you love to kayak, and you do it often. You know what kayaks you like, and which ones you don’t like. You usually kayak with others, and they have their favorites as well. So, you also know which products are not good. You follow your favorite product and know when everything new is coming out. This is a company that you can relate to and watch the market with. If a competition that is lower in stock is coming out with something similar in quality, it might be a good idea to invest in that stock, as it may soar.


Once you start getting a knack for investing in stocks, watching the news, listening for information through blogs, and investment pages, it will pay off. Investing in stocks is not just for retirement any more, although, yes, you should be saving for retirement. You can invest in stocks for short term return, if you play your cards right.


Why not enjoy life now too, instead of saying, “I’m saving for retirement”. Tomorrow is not always promised, and it is a good idea to spend a little now, to enjoy with your family and friends. There is still time to plan for that motorhome, and retiring to the beaches, or mountains. Short term investing is where it’s at, to having fun, now. You must learn how to do it, as it is a fast market.


An inground pool would look great in your backyard. No more loading up the family to find some Summer heat relief. You can have the whole family, and friends over for a cookout, and spending the day by the pool. So, what is the cost of an inground pool? It actually depends on your terrain, how big, and what type you opt for.


According to Angie’s List, It all depends on the type chosen. For example, poured concrete, can cost anywhere from $17,000- $45,000. Of course there are the added costs of preparing the ground, and the size chosen. Another thing to note is regular maintenance of a concrete pool. It uses more chemicals, needs to be acid washed and scrubbed more often, and generally has to be replastered every twelve years.


A fiberglass pool can cost from $20,000-$30,000, plus installation, but it uses much less chemicals, and electricity. Finally, there is the vinyl liner pool, which is the cheapest option, about $10,000-$25,000. It requires more maintenance and chemicals. Also, the liner will need to be replaced many times, at a cost of $4,000.


No matter which you choose, you will still get to have fun in the sun with your kids, and friends, and the bonus is, your investing paid for it. Be smart with your investing, and have fun while you do it.


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Why Should You Invest in a Pool?

One of the best ways you and your family can beat the heat on a hot day is to hire swimming pool contractors Ft.Worth to install an inground pool in your backyard. It allows households to cool down in the comfort of your home, especially during the hot days. Besides allowing the body to cool down during the summer, below are other benefits of installing an inground pool in your backyard.



While many people install swimming pools for fitness, most of them don’t realize their kids benefit much more than them. A swimming pool will allow your kids to undergo a physical transformation over the holidays. Of course, kids often add a little weight during the winter for staying inside the house for long. However, allowing them to play in the pool at least 3 to 5 hours a day can restore their fitness. Instead of playing computer games and eating snacks, your kids will turn their focus to creating more exciting pool games. The most exciting thing is that every activity they do in the pool will make them more fit than before.


Improve the Value of Your Property

Recent research has revealed that the installation of an in-ground concrete or fiberglass swimming pool can increase the value of a property by approximately 5%. That means an in-ground concrete pool will add about $25,000 worth of value to property priced at $500,000. While a swimming pool can detract from the property value in some cases, this isn’t always the case. A swimming pool can be a worthy investment for anyone who hopes to sell a property a few years later.


Stress Relief

People around the world are debating over whether or not having a pool in the backyard is a worthy investment. Researchers have revealed that swimming is one of the world’s top stress relievers. Family and work-related stresses can put you under a lot of pressure, but watching your kids as they splash into the water and toss each other in the air can wash away all your worries.


Bond with the Family

A pool can be an ideal place to spend more time with your family after long working hours. You can have fun and spend weekends at home with the family if you have a pool in the backyard. With the advances in the tech world, activities and distractions are pulling families apart. It could be cell phones or television programs that are making families not to have adequate time together. However, swimming pool ownership eliminates all these distractions and allows families to share quality time. A swimming pool can bring a family together and strengthen its relationship.


An Easy Way to Get Kids to Bed

One of the benefits of owning a pool is that it is an excellent way to make children sleep voluntarily. Parents often experience difficulties to get their children to bed on time, especially over the weekends and during the holiday. However, parents can handle this by allowing their kids more time to play outside in the swimming pool. Nothing will make a kid tired than an intensive swimming activity, and parents don’t even have to ask their kids to go to bed once they have swum.


Health Benefits

Scientists have discovered that swimming activities that last for at least half an hour can improve blood circulation and reduce the odds of lungs and heart diseases. It is also a cardiovascular workout that enhances the rate of heartbeat and strengthens the joints and muscles. Instead of wasting time and spending money on a swimming pool near you, consider installing one in your backyard.



Unlike public pools where you’ve to rub shoulders with other people, a private pool allows the homeowner to control its cleanliness. Moreover, you and your family don’t have to worry about your privacy. While you can still share the pool with some friends or neighbors, none of these compares to swimming in a crowded public pool.


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How Apple Stock Continues to Rise Higher than Ever

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Apple is one of the most profitable and successful companies in the history of the world. While Apple has been in business for more than 40 years, it has seen a dramatic increase in value ever since the mid-2000s when it started selling the iPhone. In that time, the price of Apple stock, when accounting for splits, has gone up more than 2,000%. This has made it one of the most successful investments available and there is plenty of reason for future optimism as well. There are several reasons why Apple stock could continue to appreciate in value.


Continued Profitability and Cash Build

While many tech stocks have continued to do well out of anticipation for future growth, Apple has continued to do well with investors because of basic investment fundamentals. Over the past 12 months ending 6/30/18, Apple had earned more than $250 billion in revenue while making a gross profit of more than $100 million and net income of more than $55 million. This has helped to make them one of the most profitable companies of all time. In fact, the company has more than $115 billion in current assets, which can be used to distribute cash or make other investments.


Dedicated User Base

One of the hardest things that a company has to do is develop a dedicated user base. While this is very hard to do, Apple has successfully accomplished this. Today, there are more than 85 million iPhone users across the globe and the number is continuing to grow. Due to the way that service is structured with data plans, it is also much harder for customers to switch away from smartphones that it is for other products. There are also more than 1 billion Apple devices, including phones, tablets, and computers, that are in use with customers today. As customers continue to return due to innovation and product quality, the share price will only continue to increase.


Expanded Product Lines

Due to the amount of cash that the company has on its balance sheet and the dedicated user base, they have more flexibility to enter into new product areas than other companies. Today, there are many different product areas and service lines that Apple is considering getting into. Some of these will allow them to be more innovative and enter markets that provide even more room for growth. This development and innovation will help them continue to be more profitable going forward as well.


Stock Buyback

Another factor that currently has a lot of people excited about Apple stock is the proposed buyback of shares. Over the past few years, Apple has continued to develop a plan that would allow it to buy back millions of shares of Apple stock. Doing this will take available stocks out of the marketplace, which will then make current stocks more valuable due to supply and demand. Because of this, options animal and stock investors will see the price increase.


Evidence of Market for Pricier Products

During the past few years, it has also become clear that there is a continued growing market of people that are willing to pay more for more expensive phones. While the basic iPhone used to start out at less than $500, there are now options that are well in excess of $1,000. While some people thought that there was a lot of risk involved with selling the more expensive models, pricey phones have continued to sell very well and are helping Apple turn a larger profit. Apple will continue to focus on creating new tech and features that will cost more, but will yield higher margins due to the bigger prices.


When you are looking to build a stock portfolio, including Apple would be a great option. However, you need to remember to diversify your investments across different stocks, industries, and asset types. This will protect you if Apple stock happens to go against you.

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When and What to Invest

The stock market rules the economy in the United States. Smart businessmen have made hundreds of thousands of dollars off of their investments while the unfortunate find themselves sorely in debt. That being said, learning the ins and outs of how to invest is an extremely profitable skill. The purpose of this article is to give you the insights and knowledge that you need to successfully navigate the stock market.


When to Invest

If you’re just starting your investments, you’ll feel nervous about messing it up. Start small–invest just a little. But start now. Start whenever you have extra funds. Make sure that you save enough to cover your own basic needs but don’t be afraid to put the extra into stocks.


Many experts will say, “Buy low, sell high”. They suggest putting your money into the stock market only when the stocks are in the red and selling only when they’re in the green. The idea is great in theory. If practical, you would be capitalizing on stock at their lowest and selling at optimal points. It would allow you to get the greatest benefit from the market. However, the stock market is up 70% of the time and down 30%. If you bide your time and wait for the 30%, you lose on a lot of the gains that you could have made. That being said, the right time to start investing is whenever you can.


The experts are right when they advise to only sell when it’s red. If you already have stocks invested, don’t sell when it’s dropping. Beginners would argue to sell once the stocks drop and run away with the money that you can salvage. But instead, if you buy more stocks while the market is dropping you will get more high-value stock for much less than you would have originally. Trust that the market will rise–as it eventually always does.


What to Invest In

This topic will encompass the bulk of the article because this is what will bring you the most income. Try to avoid investing in single stocks. They are considered high risk. As an investor, your portfolio will be severely affected if the single stock that you happened to buy drops. Never put all your eggs in just one basket.


Instead, think about it like this: if you had $1000 to invest, would you invest it yourself or would you give it to the top 500 CEOs to invest it for you? The obvious answer is that you would allow the top 500 CEOs to invest it for you. It’s like allowing ClickFunnels to give you a headstart in business. They are already successful businessmen who have an eye for the game of Wallstreet. Let them do their job. This analogy is the S&P 500. It is the top 500 companies rolled into one easy investment. You are betting on their success as a whole rather than narrowing your options down to one. The safest bet is looking into index funds or mutual funds which diversify your portfolio and mitigate losses.


How to Invest

For easy investing, look into finding an investing app that works for you. Here is a list of the top-rated apps for 2018. Explore each of them and find what you like and what you don’t. Some have benefits that would be lost on a beginning investor but that would be helpful for an experienced investor. If you are still hesitant, try a free app that allows for free transfers between the stock market and your bank account.


Most importantly, start as soon as you can. You’ll find that the market is more forgiving than you might originally think.

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Top Three Tips for New Real Estate Investors

A brief look into any guide about investing with reveal that real estate investing is one of the hottest ways to make money. It’s easy to see why. Not only does real estate give you a valuable asset that you can make even more valuable, but you can also receive lifelong returns by renting out to tenants. While real estate investing tends to be more stable than some other investing techniques, there is still a lot to know before you start.


Understand the Market

The very first thing you have to do is understand the market. The keystone of real estate investing is understanding what property to get, when you’re getting a good deal and knowing how to properly use that real estate for the best returns. It might seem tempting to get the first affordable house that you can find, but this type of thinking can lead to massive problems.


What if the house is in an undesirable area, like with high crime or few amenities? Another problem might be that the house is in disrepair or that the neighbors are awful. Investing in your local area tends to be the best because you know the area and you have a good idea of what real estate is and isn’t good. If you are thinking of going outside your area, then be sure to understand the local economy, businesses, crime rates and other factors to ensure that you are actually getting a good deal.


It’s good to have some negotiations training as well to ensure you get the best price on whatever real estate that you find.


Limited Funds

Almost every new real estate investor has limited funds, which makes it difficult to enter this investing arena. While you certainly are limited in what properties that you can purchase, there are still a few ways to make a sizable profit with some smart purchases.


One of the most popular methods is doing a live-in flip. Flipping a home is a process where you buy a property, improve it with better appliances, new carpeting, fresh paint and so on and then sell it at a higher price. A live-in flip means that you live at the property as you improve it. This will reduce your overall costs as you won’t have to pay for your own home or apartment.


Another method is to buy a property for about $35,000 to $55,000. A low-value property may not seem very attractive, but you can make a good amount of money from it. Hand the property to a property management team so that they can take care of finding and managing tenants. If all goes well, then you can expect to get about a 10 percent return on your investment every year.


Remember Taxes

Many new real estate investors get caught up in the excitement of finding a new property or bogged down in the details of paperwork and negotiating. It’s hard to know what you should really be paying attention to because everything is new and different. While it will take time to learn the ropes, you have to remember good bookkeeping practices as you go about buying and renting properties.


You don’t want to be unprepared for tax season. At best, this will make the process difficult as you try to gather all of your papers and numbers. At worst, you’ll be audited for either forgetting to report something or reporting the wrong amount. Make sure all of your tax documents are organized and easy to access when tax season comes around.



Real estate investing is a somewhat difficult arena to enter initially because you are dealing with large sums of money, but it does get easier with time. Remember these three tips as you start your investing journey. Understand the market and your area so that you get the best deals, consider using an investing method with limited funds in mind and don’t forget good bookkeeping practices.

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Helping People Invest In Med Tech

The medical technology space is an integral part of the healthcare sector. In fact, the market capitalization currently stands at roughly $400 billion. Securing even just a fraction of that market can translate to huge revenues. For this very reason, the medical technology market is a competitive and cutthroat one. Companies spare no expense in hiring and training fleets of sales staff to make sure they get the lion’s share of the market. If you are looking for ways to improve your staff’s ability to close sales in this respective healthcare niche, here are the three pillars that you should build your marketing and sales departments on:


Work on How You Carry Yourself

How you present and carry yourself while trying to close a deal will greatly impact the outcome. Naturally, humans are drawn to people who are assertive and confident. They want someone who is well-mannered and well-groomed. If you were approached by someone wearing their hoodie and sweatpants and trying to sell you a product/service, would you buy from them? The answer for most people is a resounding “NO”. Be presentable whenever you have a casual lunch or formal meeting with clientele. Dress sharply and maintain proper posture and gait. Maintain eye contact when conversing and arrive on time. Hygiene and physical well-being points to your clients that you care and that you have your life in order. Clients want to work with businesses and professionals who can give them the attention they need.


Study the Situation

Being prepared can make or break the sale. You have to be able to answer all questions that your client throws at you lest leave them unsatisfied and uncertain. You want your clients to come out of a meeting happy and fully aware of what you can offer them. If you fail to give them the information they want and need to hear, then you’ve failed to seal the deal. The medical technology industry is rapidly evolving and new products are constantly being introduced. Knowing where you stand relative to your competitors can help you better position yourself when pitching to clientele. Research how your products/services are more useful than competitors. Go through their online footprint including backlinks, keyword rankings, page SEO, social mentions and shares, and branding reach. Moreover, study your target audience. Most clients in the medical technology field are private care practices and primary hospitals.


Provide Extensive Training Programs

Businesses aren’t born with a competent sales staff. You’ll need to build it, and build it fast otherwise your sales numbers will suffer. Extensive medical sales training programs can help your sales staff close their deals faster. These programs are designed not just to get clients to buy your product/service, but more importantly to build solid relationships with their respective clients. A successful deal doesn’t end when the client signs the final paperwork. It’s an ongoing process of making sure your clients are happy and satisfied with the terms and conditions of the sale. Moreover, a sales training program can also instill better qualities in your staff, teaching them self-confidence, assertiveness, and empathy to connect with people.


Final Thoughts
Sealing a medical technology deal is huge. Hundreds of dollars in commission and thousands of dollars in payments are on the line, so you don’t want to miss the opportunity of closing a potential deal with a client. With regular and extensive sales training programs enriching your staff members, in-depth knowledge that you can use to build your case up, and professional habits and gestures that make the whole experience more comfortable and professional, it won’t be long before you start converting leads and signing customers for long-term contracts.

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