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Where to place CTA’s in a blog post without appearing spammy

call to action

Many entrepreneurs struggle with the call to the action part of a funnel. It is the difference between a failed initiative and a successful business.

If we think about it, a call to action has the same nature as an ordinary sale. Whether there is money involved or not, one thing both have in common is following this question: Is it worth it?



Making people follow your instructions is not an event, but a process of gaining credibility and value. Throughout the presentation of your product, the client has an emotional balance that controls his or her decisions.

It works like following a formula. When the balance is not put well, it is hard not wanting to move forward. In specific, pain and value are the factors of that balance.

As you may know, people are too busy to even paying attention to us. Because of this, we need to understand who is our ideal customer, make sure our offer is relevant and present it awaking a sense of urgency.



Not everybody is prepared for a call-to-action. What’s more, we don’t want to attract all the visitors; making the right customer paying attention is just as important as leaving unrelated people behind.

This polarization makes related clients feel more identified with the brand while avoiding losing our time with people who weren’t meant to know about us.

Having said that, we can use a lot of copywriting and visibility tactics to catch eyeballs. Now, if you followed this step correctly, you already know what their needs are. It will be simple to present the service in a way that it’s relevant for them.

After getting them excited and educated about the brand, the call-to-action comes into play. A few facts to know is that people’s emotions control the purchase. In fact, most of them are based on avoiding pain.



If I told you I have a great money opportunity, you would probably ignore me just as thousands of similar offers. However, if I warned you someone is stealing your money indirectly, I would instantly have your attention.

Since people’s minds focus on avoiding suffering, an effective call-to-action should make them visualize the pros of buying as well as the cons of not taking action.

Great marketers have a habit of having customers imagining how terrifying their lives will be without their service. In addition, pain is not only magnified by the downside.

The sense of urgency not only increases that pain but also helps them make up their minds faster. By doing this, prospects have to include the act of losing the opportunity.

Go to any competitive service on Google, enter any funnel or course advertisement. Sellers are using these techniques. They work. Our intention is showing the purchase option as a solution while not doing it as a problem.



In short, expert marketers focus on presenting the product in an appealing way. Sometimes it is impossible to say no to their proposals, which is the reason why they are so successful.

It is all about understanding customers and having experience and knowledge about the product. The best ones are those with the ability to identify problems to solve before customers do.

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The Unique Business Structure Of Le-Vel, A MLM Company

le-vel business structure

Multi-level marketing, or MLM for short, is a popular business structure in the present. Many people are joining MLM companies because they promise success in a short period of time. MLM companies offer a simple solution to many issues, including health problems like obesity and skin diseases. The products that the MLM companies sell are mostly for the welfare of the health of their clients, and it is also the primary reason why many people are trusting these companies – they are benefiting from the effects of the medicines and supplements that they sell.



Le-Vel is an example of a multi-level company that experienced tremendous success. Since the company’s establishment in 2012, more and more people are signing up to become a member because of the promise of success. Le-Vel experienced tremendous growth, and in a short period of time, they were able to generate $1 billion in revenue.

Jason Camper and Paul Gravette are the founders of the company, and one of the things that they offered to the public would be the simple three-step guideline that every marketer for Le-Vel should understand. In the United States, there is a tight competition for businesses that are selling vitamins and supplements, but Le-Vel is able to catch up with them because they have a secret weapon – the marketing ability of their members.

Through networking, the company is able to boost its sales, while at the same time, welcoming new people in the team. For those who wanted to become a member of Le-Vel, there are a few points that one has to understand – determining the nature of the company, the products that they sell, and the techniques that should be applied to end up successfully in the business.

The product offered by Le-Vel is food supplements, and one of their signature products is called Le-Vel Thrive. This product includes a three-step regimen that should be followed and monitored closely, and if successful, it will provide the user with a different physical and mental capabilities. The product is a mixture of vitamins and minerals collected from natural sources, and it is very good for the body.



Thrive Plus is another product offered by the company that also uses the three-step regimen. This is mostly used by people who wanted to lose weight, and it would improve their performance especially if they are into sports and other physical activities.

The popularity of Le-Vel made it possible for them to encourage the public to become a member and start selling their products. An interested individual who wanted to enter the world of marketing can buy a starter kit, which comes into four different types – Social Seller, that is being sold for $135; Business builder, which is sold for $265; Business Builder Plus, which is sold for $499, and the Meat and Dairy Free bundle, which is sold for $135.

Le-Vel is serious when it comes to the promotion of their product, and they are highlighting the fact that they are among the companies that received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. With the proper presentation of the products, more people are deciding to join the company, and there are an estimated seven million individuals from North America, Europe, and Oceania who have joined the company and started selling their products.

The company has been helping individuals stay at home parents, and others to create a bustling business and improving their way of life.

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Hire Me: How to Score a Job in the Competitive Marketing Industry

Landing the marketing job of your dreams may not be as far away as you think. With so much competition for marketing jobs in the employment landscape, only those who can set themselves apart and offer more than their competition gain the edge. Consider these tips for scoring your next position in marketing.


Present a Great Cover Letter

Crafting a unique cover letter for the position may be the key that unlocks the door to your new marketing job. Your cover letter helps you stand out among other candidates, and those who are well informed beam brighter than the competition. Candidates with a thin resume can claim a new marketing position if they are knowledgeable and display genuine interest in the company. Be sure to state what you can bring to the company, and the help you can provide if you are hired. With so many candidates submitting general cover letters to agencies, your customized cover letter will stand out even more.


Refine Your Resume

In many cases, simple resumes for executives may be the better option over longer resumes packed with extraneous details. You resume should highlight your skills and the most notable experience that makes you the best candidate for the position. Epic marketers have a balanced arsenal of skills and a list of project achievements that they are proud of, and these are unique details that can help you stand out. If you earned any accolades and awards for past performance, be sure to share those milestones to build convincing resume. You can also include some writing samples along with your resume to prove your skills and expertise.


Upgrade Your Skills

Many times, it is the skills you lack that can sabotage your chances for a prime marketing position. That applicants should do whatever it takes to get the skills necessary for a desired position, to get closer to actually getting hired. It is crucial to study as may up-to date books, blogs, and white papers as possible so that you are more equipped to deliver using the latest strategies and technologies. The more skills that you possess , the more likely that an advertising agency or company may choose you.


Show Off Your Statistics

Every person who is seeking a position with a top marketing agency or a successful company should not hesitate to show their past results. Putting together a handsome portfolio can go a long way in impressing agency executives who can influence the company’s final decision. Giving details of your past successes in the field is a great way to showcase your abilities and accomplishments using examples of your work. Without a doubt, great effectiveness during past marketing promotions can positively influence your chances of being selected today.


Nail Some Powerful References

Sometimes it is not what you know, but who you are connected to that makes all of the difference in whether you snag a coveted marketing position. That 15% of marketing positions are filled through job boards; but most companies fill positions internally or through referrals. Networking in the right circles can help you forge your way into a marketing job. Consider using LinkedIn to build your contact list and cast an influence in the industry. If you can get a powerful reference from a power player, you can score a hot marketing position quickly.


Give an Example or Two

If you are called in for an interview, don’t be afraid to bring some of your best ideas to share. You can also reassure the company that if you are selected, you plan to implement some specific marketing strategies and suggestions. Research the company to determine the flow of their current marketing techniques and projects, and add an original twist to present to your evaluators to shine.


Be Open to Negotiating Your Salary

Consider negotiating your yearly salary as well to initially get into the marketing position of your dreams. When there is a variety of stiff competition on the table, you can negotiate your salary expectations to appear as a highly qualified, yet more cost-effective choice for the company.


Actions speak louder than words, so don’t underestimate the power of your portfolio combined with a summary of skills and relevant experience on your resume to sway the hiring manager into choosing you. In some cases, you may need to impress a board of people to get hired, so don’t hesitate to put your best foot forward at every level of the interview process. If you choose a position that you are an excellent fit for and you arrive well-prepared, you can land the job.


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5 Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Realize You Are Doing

When most people hear about marketing, they assume that it’s only about enticing people to buy a product or service. Although that is the main goal of marketing, the process is not straightforward.


Marketing also has several branches: public relations, market research, brand management, customer service, sales, and marketing communications. The mistakes that most people do in marketing involve these elements.


5 Marketing Mistakes That You Never Realize


  1. Offering A Lot of Discounts


Customers love a good bargain, and they are more likely to enter your store if they see a discount sign. However, avoid giving your clients reduced prices all the time because it can have long-term effects.


The negative consequences of discount promotions are as follows:


  • It limits revenue
  • It devalues your brand since customers won’t see the need to pay full price for your goods and serv
  • Customers may develop a ‘low price’ mindset – they’d rather wait until your next promotion to visit your st


Sometimes customers are interested in the overall value of the product or service, instead of pricing. Keep that in mind next time you hold a discount sale.


  1. Focus on Attracting New Clients and Forget About the Current Ones


Most people use marketing to focus on prospects. You create an advert that promises clients the best services or goods. You guarantee them that their lives will change for the better if they become your client.


However, once the customer buys from you, they become past tense. You forget to send them information about new product launches. The warm treatment that you gave them after the first purchase disappears. How many times have you seen an advertisement that promises current customers better services? Very few, if any.


Remember that a prospective client may purchase – it’s not guaranteed, while a customer has already bought – treat them better to retain them.


  1. Lack of A Unique Selling Proposition (USP)


You many launch a product or service that you believe is better than others in the market. However, if you don’t show your client what makes your item one of a kind, it will not sell. Don’t assume that you will launch the product and people will eventually discover its awesomeness by themselves.


Create a USP for your item. To do this effectively, assume that you are conducting an interview with yourself after using the item. You have to know what interview questions to ask, therefore, you need to prepare a random list of queries, and select the best ones for the product or service.


Once you answer those questions, you will know your USP. If you cannot convince yourself to buy the product or service, you can never entice prospective or current clients to do the same.


  1. Lack of A Target Market


Since you are excited that you have finally started a business, you may be tempted to aim your marketing efforts at anyone with money. It’s good that you are enthusiastic about getting customers, but its not the right way to go about it.


Since people have different needs, you cannot satisfy everyone. Therefore, you are better off targeting people with the same desires and wants. Have a buyer persona for your preferred client and create a promotion targeted towards people with such characteristics.


Knowing your target market saves you a lot of time and money. Instead of spending a lot on numerous general campaigns, you should only budget on what you know will yield results.


  1. Thinking that Once You Make A Sale, Marketing Ends


It’s true that you market your goods or services so that customers can pay for them. However, the problem comes after you make sales and attain your financial target. Most businesses fail because they end the marketing after closing a sale.


However, you should always follow-up after closing a deal to make sure that the client returns. For example, you can send them a thank you mail the following day, and then after a week send them another email with tips on how to enhance their shopping experience.


This way, the client knows that you value them.




Marketing is not easy, and it should be handled with care. One faulty move and your business can become bankrupt due to low client turnout. Follow the above tips to avoid making silly marketing mistakes and to stay ahead of your competition.


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How Can I Keep My Small Business Going And Growing This Year?

It’s safe to say that one of the small business owner’s top priorities is devising and implementing growth strategies that keep the organization in a state of constant expansion. If this is one of your objectives for the year, note that there are many growth techniques you can implement to see the positive changes that will make your organization more productive and profitable. Here are a few of them:


  1. Update And Optimize Your Human Resources Department

The people you employ are definitely the biggest asset that your company has. This is the case for many reasons, including the fact that they are the individuals who complete the tasks and assignments that keep your company going and growing. Additionally, they are typically the “face” of your organization, meaning that they’re the ones who continually interface with the general public and clients on behalf of your organization. With all of these realities in mind, it’s imperative that you implement strategies that will keep your current employees happy and productive. This is one of the primary reasons that HR departments exist, so keeping this department in tip top shape is imperative once you realize that you want your small business to grow and expand.


There are multiple strategies that you can deploy to keep your HR department in great shape. One is utilizing dynamic software. Finding the right HRIS software for small business purposes is an important and empowering strategy for multiple reasons. First, doing so can help you automate a wide range of processes that were being completed manually. Once this happens, you can typically get more done in less time. For example, BambooHR’s human resource information system enables small business owners to store their data in a fast, simple way with one centralized system. Some of the elements to be considered when purchasing HR software include competitive price, encompassing feature set, dependable customer service, and usability.


  1. Develop A Savvy Marketing Strategy

In addition to optimizing your human resources department, make sure that you implement a savvy marketing strategy. This step is imperative because marketing functions as one of the primary modalities through which you make your brand known to both prospects and your current customers. This ongoing exposure fuels brand awareness, thereby increasing your company’s likelihood of attaining great outcomes like more industry authority and increased sales.


There are many strategies you can deploy to take your small business’s current marketing plan from average to awesome. One is by focusing on your online presence. Doing so will increase your likelihood of attaining the level of traffic necessary to fuel conversion. One of the key strategies that can be utilized to help you attain substantive traffic online is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO strategies can include anything from link building to keyword analysis, and small business owners who have taken the time to master this complex marketing discipline oftentimes wind up attaining page 1 ranking in the SERPs.


  1. Optimize Customer Engagement

Your customers are the individuals who make purchases from your organization. Therefore, they are the people who are keeping your small business in operation. As such, keeping them happy is imperative if you want your company to become and remain as profitable as possible. With this reality in mind, it’s important to implement customer engagement strategies which ensure that you can gauge whether your clients are really satisfied with the products and services you offer. One component of the customer engagement process is referred to as customer delight. This process is solely concerned with customer experience and feedback. It can involve things like the use of survey sites (Survey Monkey, for example) to anonymously collect feedback from customers regarding their experiences with and opinions about your brand.



Small business owners who have decided that they want to keep their organizations going and growing should know that consistently implementing key growth strategies can make the complex process of business expansion relatively simple. Use one, two, or all three of the growth strategies outlined above to increase your small business’s likelihood of undergoing dynamic expansion this year!


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