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5 growing industries to invest in

industries to invest in

Investments can consume a lot of time and money, especially if someone doesn’t know where to start. It can also be stressful when there is no guidance. Here is a list of the top five industries to invest in.



Fintech is the abbreviation and this is digital financial services that consumers can use. Strip and Yapstone are commonly used in the fintech industry. This industry is growing rapidly because the consumer needs help in improving money management or simply sending money abroad digitally. Now there are multiple retirement accounts to invest in, such as Betterment and Ellevest. Now there are robo-advisors that can make all the investments with no help.



Health is essential because if a person is unable to take care of self, he or she can’t help someone else. Any pharmaceutical companies or devices are the common section in the healthcare to invest in. Heal-N-Soothe is an anti inflammatory pills medication that is over the counter. You can purchase online or in person. How to take heal-n-soothe is to take 3 capsules after dinner and before a person sleeps on Days 1&2. Days 3-5 take 3 pills in the morning after breakfast and 3 more after dinner, before bedtime. Days 6-8 take only one pill either after breakfast or after dinner. Days 9-12 repeat it so the medication can work faster. This takes between 2-12 weeks to see results.


Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has been growing over the years and been revamping in certain devices as well. The fact is that artificial intelligence is so diverse that in can invested in any field the person wants. AI also requires advanced sensors and control systems. Individuals can also invest in supercomputers that can store more data and accelerating processors. The European Union has vowed to invest in an estimated of $24 billion in artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, China and America are frequent users of artificial intelligence.


Cyber security

Online hacking or threats is not a pleasurable experience due to the fact that there is a lot at stake, such as personal information taken, malware attacks, data information compromised, or assets can be misused. The cybersecurity market is expected to grow from $152.71 billion in 2018 to $248.26 billion in 2023. Now that almost everything is online, people have to be cautious of what to put online and securing any valuable information from any potential hackers. If an attack occurred, the security team will work diligently on recovering what was lost or stolen.



Cryptocurrency is digital money that is encrypted with a code that an individual can transfer funds to and from a digital banking system. Bitcoin and Ripple are commonly used in the digital world of cryptocurrency. If you had invested $10,000, you would have $470,000 in a span of 6 months. The return rates are very rewarding and is better than stocks and bonds investments. Also, there is no involvement of the government or any other higher authorities.

Investing is fun, but, what industry to choose from is difficult. With this list can help someone to narrow down to choose from. After that, now to figure out which company is worth it. It will take time to see the results.

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Tech Solutions That You Need for Your Home

home tech solutions

Your home is your sanctuary, it is a place where you go to relax and feel at peace with yourself, which is why you want to make it as great as you can. Adding things like granite counter tops, a pool and new floors are all common ways people upgrade their home, but one way many people don’t think of but can really make you feel great in your home is by adding the newest technology to it. In today’s world we live in a high tech society so it only makes sense to bring that technology into our homes to better our living experience.


Home Theater

One way you can add technology to make your home more fun to live in is by adding a home theater to your space. Let’s face it, everyone loves to go to the movies but what better way to watch a film on a big screen than in the comfort of your own home? Not only will this make your life happier and more fun but it’s actually been shown to raise the value of your home as well. It’s important to remember though bigger is always better when putting in a screen for your home theater. Home theater screen size is what will really make the room feel like your actually in a movie theater but yet your still in your own home.


Smart Home

Another great use of technology in the home that will make your home more fun to live in is by getting an automated smart home system. With smart homes you can pretty much do anything within the home by voice command or by using a mobile device. It can really be a lot of fun to lay in bed and simply say “turn off the light” or “open the blinds” and not to mention make you feel like royalty! Smart home systems are not only convenient and fun to use but if installed properly they can really add a lot of value to your home as well if you ever consider selling it.


Home Tech

Finally, in our search for great uses of technology within the home that will make your life happier and more fun to live in we come to the smart refrigerator. Smart refrigerators are a fun thing to have around because you can actually write your grocery list on the refrigerator and mirror that back to yourself on your mobile device while at the grocery store, how much fun is that? On top of it all the smart refrigerator will also send alerts to your phone in real time so you know if there is ever an issue or the power went out and your food could be potentially in danger.



So if you’re looking for a new fun way to reimagine your home and make some upgrades, I would definitely recommend utilizing all of the great new technology we have available to us today. Not only are you adding value to your home but your making your life more enjoyable as well!

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5 Ways Business Owners Can Take Full Advantage of Cloud Technology

As you already know, cloud technology has grown exponentially over the past several years. Thanks to its rapid-fire growth, people can now save and access information on their laptop or mobile device more quickly – provided they have an internet connection.


While most business owners know how to use cloud technology at a fundamental level, there are advance ways they can use it to help grow their business. Here are five ways business owners can take full advantage of cloud technology and use it to its fullest potential.


Provides Greater Flexibility

Before cloud computing, business owners and their employees had to be at one location to complete their work. Now, thanks to this technology, both parties can get more done anywhere without dealing with many obstacles. Furthermore, business owners can manage their business much better without much hassle since the information they need is in the cloud.


In addition to better management, the scalability of cloud technology allows firms to reduce the number of servers needed to save huge chunks of data. Therefore, reducing the cost of maintenance required to keep them running smoothing.


Increased Opportunities for Business Owners

In addition to reducing the cost of server maintenance, cloud computing is internet-based. Meaning business owners don’t need to waste time and money purchasing and installing multiple servers. They pay a small subscription fee, and they’re good to go.  


Also, cloud technology doesn’t require a big IT team. Because the cloud completes tasks, such as data backup recovery, business owners don’t need to spend money hiring IT professionals to perform such tasks. Instead, they can use that money to hire people for more significant roles, such as data analysis.


Provides Data Recovery and Security

You’re working on a project, and your computer crashes right before you have the chance to save your progress. Luckily for you, the cloud saves and backs up your work automatically. Therefore, if anything happens, your data doesn’t get lost, and you can continue where you left off.


Furthermore, cloud technology does a fantastic job of securing data. One way it does this is through a cloud access security broker (casb). What is casb? It’s a security measure that enforces guidelines all cloud-based security policies must meet. Therefore, providing business owners with more security over their data, and giving their customers peace of mind knowing their data is safe as well.


Increases Workforce Collaboration

As mentioned earlier, cloud technology allows for both business owners and their employees to work anywhere. It creates a virtual office space where both parties can work on projects, share information with each other, and edit their work. As a result, more work gets completed, there’s no time getting wasted, and both parties can work comfortably anywhere in the world.


Plus, this saves costs because both parties don’t have to waste money on gas driving to and from an office building. Even cooler, this situation can be replicated on one’s mobile device thanks to downloadable applications.


Improves Document Control

Before the cloud existed, people emailed documents to each other as attachments, which resulted in a mess of different file content, formats, and titles. Therefore, spending hours organizing everything and wasting time in the process.


Now, with cloud technology, everything is organized in one location. Therefore, team members know what they’re looking at without any issue, which improves workforce collaboration. Improved document control works best when you have team members that live in different regions of the world.



Those are the five ways business owners can take full advantage of cloud technology to grow their business. If you’re a business owner,  hope you learned a few things you can use for your business that you didn’t know before reading this article.


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Companies Need to Get Ready for Security Automation

Data protection has always been a top priority for businesses. If the wrong person gets ahold of your clients, your business practices, or your internal structures, they can easily topple the business that you’ve built. However, as we’ve moved further into using technology and the internet for business, attackers have also moved on, and cyber threats are becoming more common and more dangerous. Security automation is the up-and-coming answer to this. Here’s some information on how you can use security automation to keep your business safer.

1. Cyber Threats Have Increased Dramatically

When technology first started entering the world of business, cyber threats weren’t much of a threat at all. They existed, of course, attackers trying to get into your business and steal information or money, but a security team only needed a few members to keep them at bay. Nowadays, organizations receive thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands, security alerts every day, and it’s impossible to scan all of them and do the small manual changes needed to get rid of them, especially with a small security team.

2. Security Needs To Focus On Important Threats

As mentioned, many organizations get substantially more alerts every day than they can possibly keep up with. Most security teams are made up of very skilled coders who are there to protect the business from focused, dedicated attacks, not to stare at a monitor for eight hours a day, trying to decide which alerts constitute an actual problem. Security automation gets rid of this problem by having the program deal with the small issues and passing on legitimate threats to the coders, who can then focus their attention on those.

3. Response Planning Can Be Improved Significantly

If security’s entire job is to sort through tiny issues, they don’t have the time to plan for potential data protection issues; they’re working on the ones they have right now. When a huge virus hits a company, or an attacker gets through the firewall, security needs every second they have to fight that issue, and having a previously established plan means they can address the problem immediately instead of  spending precious time coming up with a game plan before actually getting to work. Security automation gives your security team the time to plan for potential future issues so your company is prepared for the real security problems it may face.

4. Data Protection Is Even More Important Than You Think

You probably understand that your data is important — “data” spans a large amount of things, including trade secrets and internal numbers that help with growing your business. However, your data may not be protected as much as you think it is. Data protection is a complicated process, and one that is constantly changing as cyber threats do, which means you can’t afford to be behind the curve when it comes to protecting the most important pieces of your business. Security automation helps with this by continuing to move your business further into safety, something that needs to constantly be happening in order to be effective. Security automation not only helps with data protection now, but helps with it in the future too, because it can easily be updated with the most recent issues it needs to concern itself with — and that can be the difference between being safe and having your business stolen.

5. Infrastructure Should Be Automated

Though it may not right now, your software should have a central hub that sends out code, rather than every piece of software being individually coded. This is easily the most important thing you as a company can do to be prepared for security automation. If each piece of software is coded by itself, the engineers have to configure every piece every time they make a change; if the software is changed by itself when the engineers change a central code, it frees up a significant amount of time that could be used for much more important things.                                                                    

Security automation is incredibly important, and one of the most helpful IT inventions of the last few years. Its ability to keep companies secure is unprecedented, and all companies should be preparing for it, whether they’ve started to implement it or not. Data protection should be your top priority as a company, and automation technologies are seeking to help you with that.

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Top Cybersecurity Threats to Hospitals

Hospitals have traditionally safeguarded digital information so that patients, vendors, and shareholders will have the peace of mind that they deserve. Unfortunately, in today’s world, there are a lot of cybersecurity challenges facing IT administrators. In order for hospitals to stay ahead of the threats, many of their business administrators have turned to IT staff that can think outside of the box when it comes to threats facing their facility. Here are some of the top cybersecurity threats facing hospitals today:


Patient Records Theft:

Around 10 percent of the people that live in large metropolitan areas have HIV. In the past, health authorities and others shared their personal information so that they could track the threat of HIV spreading. The problem for hospitals has been that hacker consultants trying to create their own databases that track HIV positive people cultivated people that work at hospitals in order to try and steal patient information. The net result for someone who did get their information stolen was trouble at work because their employers didn’t want to share a group health plan with someone who would have outrageous medical costs.

California finally passed a law that levies steep fines on hospital systems that have a data breach due to internal staffers getting involved in looking at patient data when they are not their personal care team. Of course, although that curbed theft in California, the hackers moved their confidence game to Arizona, Oregon, and Washington to take advantage of hospital systems that were multi-state and could potentially access California data from outside California. For administrators, the best defense has been creating sophisticated permissions in their databases that only allow the people that should have access to view records.


Accounting Woes

Another problem that hospitals can face is a cyber attack on their accounting systems. Over the past two decades, many hospitals have developed internal database systems that integrate accounting with the daily activities that go on so that the costs flow directly to the financial people handling the books. The problem with that is that if you have a hospital with 300 computers, you end up with 300 access points for a hacker to try and use. The current trend, therefore, is to utilize virtual bookkeeping services. Online accounting systems that are provided as a service by a vendor are much safer because they are hosted in a world-class security data center. Only the accounting people from your hospital system are able to access records. There is also a large cost savings because your IT department no longer has to design internal security for your financial records.


Wireless Thieves

Several years ago, a Hewlett-Packard facility banned the use of wireless devices in their building. Part of the reason was that from outside their building and on other people’s property, they were getting hit by up to 100 local hacking attempts at any given time. For hospitals, the idea that there are that many hackers interested in gaining access should give them pause. It does no good to have all of your drug infusers networked wirelessly to a console in the pharmacy if your pharmacy application is vulnerable to attack from outside. The most common answer is to have your IT administrators work carefully with your vendors to ensure that your software access points are bulletproof.

And even if your software is secure, make sure you design your wireless system well. A few years ago at the Black Hat hackers conference, several of the world’s top hackers were hacked by wireless systems hackers that were never caught. Along those lines, there is also an application that has been sold that pulls all 7 layers of the physical network and un-encrypts the data by getting access through a different layer. When used wirelessly, it can wreak havoc.

There are many cybersecurity challenges facing hospitals today. By leveraging online software as a service through secure data centers and tightening access with sophisticated permissions and solid planning, IT administrators can stay ahead of hackers seeking to steal data from their hospital.

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