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Diet Tips To Get Ripped

Fitness enthusiasts, we know you like working out! When it comes to your fitness level though, are you satisfied with what you see in the mirror? Would you like to take your reflection to the next level? There are some tips and tricks that can bring you from humdrum to awesome when combined with your regular workout schedule:


Eliminate Junk Food And Processed Food….Most Of The Time

You’d be surprised at how quickly a handful of chips and a couple of cookies here and there can add up. Over time, these additional treats will sabotage your caloric cycle, leaving you frustrated and wondering what happened.


Allowing yourself the occasional treat twice weekly will prevent those “over the top” binge moments that take place when you completely deprive yourself of the naughty foods you are craving. Succumbing to temptation every now and again will allow you to stay on the straight and narrow much longer.


Lay Off The Alcohol And Other Empty Calorie Drinks

Alcoholic drinks and sodas are the biggest saboteurs to our fitness goals; they not only contain a load of empty calories, they produce a nasty insulin response when ingested, making your body hold on to fat for hours after consumption. Most of us aren’t diligent enough to include our liquid calories as part of our overall daily intake, so we find ourselves again wondering why we aren’t losing like we would like to. Replace sugary and empty calorie drinks with nutritious things like milk water, vegetable and fruit juices in moderation, and you will be providing your body with essential nutrients that will build the physique you’ve been dreaming about.


Change The Way You’re Strength Training

When lifting weights or doing resistance training, slow down! Muscles that are moving because of momentum aren’t gaining strength, they are just responding to inertia. Deliberately slowing down your reps, especially on the negative cycle, is key to gaining strength and improving muscle tone.


Go For The Burn

Most of us don’t exercise to complete fatigue, and we certainly don’t exercise to the point where we “feel the burn”. We’ve become complacent in our exercise routines, and it’s time to be conscious of what we are trying to build. A muscle can only respond and grow when in the repair cycle, so exercising to near fatigue or complete muscle fatigue will ensure that when the recovery process kicks in, your muscles will be repairing, restoring, and building the body you’ve been working hard for.


Take The Right Supplements

Knowing what to take for muscle recovery and proper nutrition will enhance your results. There have been numerous studies done in recent years on the benefits of creatine cycling, which is taking creatine as a supplement to boost a chemical process that is already happening in the body. The body creates creatine for the purposes of rebuilding muscle after hard workouts, and in order to keep the body primed to keep this cycle going, it is beneficial to supplement with additional creatine to keep the recovery process going. Adding a creatine cycle to a couple of post workout periods per week will help your body rebuild lean, mean muscle.


Add Cardio At The End Of Strength Training Workouts

All of the sugar in your bloodstream and system is eliminated in as little as 30 minutes of working out. Any activity that takes place after that is into fat burning mode. Even 15 minutes on a treadmill or an elliptical machine will make a serious dent in your fat zones.


Slow And Steady Wins The Race

If you are losing more than three pounds per week, you can be sure that you are losing water and muscle mass. Fat takes time to eliminate, so aim for a weight loss goal of ten pounds per month, and you’ll meet your goal in no time. Dust off those shorty shorts, hit the gym, and commit to improving your nutrition and you’ll be looking and feeling your best. Here’s to a healthier you!


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