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Am I entitled to pace up and down the internet, wielding my returns at you — boasting about how great of a trader I am — how you’re all lucky to have access to a person, such as myself?

The answer is YES, without a doubt.

The NASDAQ is +7.8% for 2024. What am I up? Let’s take a look, or a gander, if you will.

My trading is up nearly 14%, the once per month traded Quant is +8.6% and the hardly ever trade Strategic account of my best long term ideas is up more than 10%. That means you all have to shut the fuck up — plain and simple. I don’t want to see your returns. Stick them up your ass. This is about me, so stop trying to make it about you. If you wanted to boast about your returns, I suggest started a blog or an account on X and find out how many people give a shit about them. Probably zero.

I’m 88% cash now, just two silly piece of shit positions on the books now and I have things to do, so I will likely not press any big exposure till late afternoon.

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