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There are few certainties in life.

Democrats are mostly criminals, including the ordinary citizens who abet them.

Republicans will whore themselves out for any vote and are mostly comprised of sexual deviants who are under threat of blackmail.

$BTC is going to $70,000

Any questions?

I can hear the peanut gallery shuffle with indignation as I write this. That’s a 15% move from here. I have been telling you to buy $BTC since mid $20,000s and yet there are some of you still, in 2024, beholden to the dollar because the Federal Reserve and Jamie Dimon said so.

I have news for you, fucked faces, break out of your boomer brainwashing and see the world for what it is: an absolute mess.

I always like to see the Bitcoin haters squirm as they attempt to convince others why it’s so bad. They’ll delve on about how we are all being tricked and fooled, cajoled even, into an even worse situation than the dollar and how $BTC is just another government scheme to control you. It’s like you’re retarded, know it, and still pretend to be normal.

This entire edifice of LGTBQ governance is predicated on the US dollar being printed AD HOC, and people in S American and Africa converting their shit currencies into it so that the inflationary aspects printing money could be negated. It’s another form of colonialism, the worst kind of colonialism — since we get all of the benefits of their labor without ever having to lift a finger to help them. The dollar supremacy is the eye of Sauron for the GLOBOHOMO. If you can break it — you can be free. If not, you will continue to live under its yoke.

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