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Taking the Side of The Devil: America is Stronger Than Ever

Much of the shit discussed on this fucking blog is about “Pax Americana” ending and us being on the other side of the wind — ebbing towards perdition. I’d like to take a more optimistic view of things today, if only to challenge myself into thinking critically. Much too often traders get bogged down in ideology and they get harangued by it because egotism breeds failure. Pride always comes before the fall.

For this exercise, I am using data compiled by Stocklabs — my data analytics and trading room company. Feel free to join — all of the profits go towards a very good cause: me and my desire to build an Orbital Space Cannon (OSC).

Largest companies by sector
Tech: $AAPL
Services: $AMZN
Industrials: $DHR
Healthcare: $LLY
Consumer Goods: $TSLA
Financials: $V
Basic Materials: $XOM
Utilities: $NEE

A fine portfolio, you must admit. If you simply bought the above 8 stocks your returns YTD would be +35%. Three year return +86% vs +33% for the NASDAQ.

For those companies, revenues TTM are +15%, earnings +52%. Business has never been better.

While it’s true, US corporations have roughly $20T in debt — one doesn’t need to concern oneself with suchness whilst stocks are near 52 week highs. Business is good and it’s gonna stay that way. If you don’t like it, move to Africa.

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