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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been dreaming about the market’s collapse. I’d think about it all the time and get excited whenever it went down for a few days. But those days are now over and I’ve decided to become a Democrat Ukraine supporter, advocate for TRANS RIGHTS, and be a generally highly vaccinated/ highly compliant $NYT reading person.

My favorite shows are on MSNBC and since I’ve taken on this new life — I’ve already been invited to three charitable cocked tailed parties — two at a museum and one inside of a library where we will discuss BANNED LGBTQ books. Dinner is $1500 a plate and the causes range from white supremacy to LGBTQ rights to climate emergencies racking the planet with sweltering heat.

After all, I was never going to beat them with my snarky tweets and hateful blog posts. This way, I’ll fit right in and perhaps earn some positive accolades for all of my good will and gestures.

Markets are calm now, just like my white suburb, -19bps.

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