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Let’s Pretend

Fellow internet travelers —

Do worry scorn yourselves for the many disasters looming not too far in the background. Instead, like on Wall Street, I propose that you pretend all is well and invest accordingly. If you only would stop consuming news and not looking at what goes on around you — why — you could then live happily and perhaps imbibe yourselves until sleepy. You must be getting awfully tired of all the news, breathing the world through your in house COVID masks. Look at the shares of NVDA, soaring to the highest of heights — now worth over a trillion bucks!


NVDA once made memory chips and then moved quickly gaming, and then into Bitcoin mining chips, and now into AI chips. If the next trend is coming, AI will know about it and NVDA will be there to stomp the faces of the people working at Intel.

I am off to a rough start, down 50bps to start the session. I was distracted by an early dog walk but will now focus really really hard and will myself to profit! I got the idea from a magazine I read on my wife’s side table. It stated, and I am paraphrasing here, in order to achieve some sort of greatness of achievement — all you have to do is manifest it through positive thought!

I shall do so at once.

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