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Can Apple Save Bulltards?

I’ve been lost in the wilderness — taking Ls like Grant — bad tactics command retarded results. I have no one else but to blame but everyone else. After all, I am not wrong — just early.

Apple beat and authorized a $90b share buyback. They might as well up it to $500 trillion. It makes no difference.

The only thing that matters now is whether the banking system as we know it can make it. More than that, how incompetent is the Fed, really? We are now pricing in a 60% chance of a June rate cut. Meanwhile, the Fed is out to crush inflation.

I have only a few days left until I depart to Europe, at which point whatever bed I’ve made for myself will have to be endured. At the moment, I’ve been losing about 3% per week and it might be a lot more than that tomorrow, when I chance upon my highly leveraged only long portfolio boosted with upside ETFs. I’ve made this determination based upon my conviction that what doesn’t destroy us can only make us stronger — in this case the lack of fear and panic in the face of a very obvious broken and bidless banking sector.

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