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Before 2020 I rarely if ever day traded. Then I tried it and took an account from $100k to $750k inside 2 years, all public for the FUCKERS inside Stocklabs to see. I’ve traded options on and off my whole life but never had the tools made available to me to truly crush it. The derivatives markets are not like stocks and there are complexities that are often ignored by other FUCKERS trading independently.

So I decided to created my own tools with the help and leadership of someone who is better versed in it than I am. We are in the 6th to 7th inning of completing this offering and it’s live now in the screeners for me and it’s great.

Above are active options and % of call vs put buying

FULL DISCLOSURE: I haven’t quite figured out how these correlations work and if there is rhyme and reason to some of the chaos in the options market. I am sure there is and will be studying this daily from now until I master it. Like day trading, I am fairly certain I will eventually crush in this arena too — as trading and investing is more or less, aside from writing, the only god damned thing I am good at doing.

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