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Mega Cap Up

I booked a gain of 15bps today in a do nothing session for me, other than to place myself in mega and tera cap stocks for Monday. The move here is to avoid small caps like the COVID and instead get into tera caps in a big way. The division between the classes can best be seen here and poor people are losing again.

Names like CRM, GOOGL, FB, PINS and NVDA will continue to march higher, especially as we encroach into the difficult months of the year — summer doldrums.

You will not enjoy trading in small caps and you will rue the day you decided to avoid this advice. If you are inside Stocklabs you will see me trading small caps for sure, over the coming weeks and months. But I operate on a micro-time scale and most of you FUCKS are not able to keep up. So if you’re interested in my BIG BRAINED galaxy thoughts it is this: Go Nasdaq and big cap. Remain an obedient buyers of ETH every month and let’s revisit by Fall.


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