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Buffoons are controlling you now. Fed’s Kaplan came out today and suggested, or implied rather, he was going to fuck markets and soon via tapering. Since Iron Ore and Steel are at record highs and inflation is finally something to worry about, it seems the Fed, thanks to all of those fucking STIMMY CHECKS, have no choice but to raise rates.

Tech stocks plummeted and let out some more, as investor clamor for gold and other havens of safety. This is stupid, but at the same time wonderful. Oddball stocks are rallying like LEDS, BRN, CHS, and PRTY. There isn’t any rhyme or reason, other than to gun stocks that have thin floats.

Gold and silver miners are very strong, because we’re all hard currencyFAGS now and we must be austere and we must taper, else Zimbabwe.

I had gains early on but traded out of them, now off by 66bps. I had to SUSPEND my YOLO account after 3 consecutive rapish days from hell, off by 15% since I decided it was a good idea to buy big volume scorchers and hold them. The Dow Joans will not tell you the story, the fight and plight of millions of day traders and momo traders now. We are in fact rolling a boulder uphill and attempting to extricate water from the desert. The sands are dry and the terrain woeful. I suspect we bounce soon. But then again, I can’t always have my way.

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