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While most of you are being harried, harassed, and harangued by equities today — bogged down into the pits of hell thanks to the PURGE of bubble stocks in favor for defensive ones like KHC — I, in fact, am higher by 150bps. I accomplished this by selling in the morning, intra day wins in PIXY (+13%), GBOX (+5.3%), HOFV (+5.8%), SNMP (+6.8%), METX (+5.6%) etc. If you held any of those stocks for a period longer than 1 hr, you lost money.

See pal, that’s the type of market we’re in now. If you’re not a predator — you are prey. Are you sitting there watching your positions melt the fuck down, drip down the drain as the Jim Biden economy heaves over and fucks your net worth over in favor of only AAPL?


I’ve found comfort, equanimity even, thru day trading. As far as I am concerned, there is no better way to invest.

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