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05-12-2014 Trading Journal

On Friday, I said sooner or later, the bull is going to break thru the resistance and make new high.  Well, it happened sooner than I thought, it made new high today. SPY_DailyLook at that green bar sticking out of the consolidation range.  Now, in order to confirm the continuing bull force, It is important that price does not fall back into the consolidation range inside this week.

$KNDI earnings report today convinced me to jump back in.  The fact that revenues increased over last year 1st Quarter meant that last quarter higher EV sales was no fluke. Although I bought after price spiked up, I was able to get some under $13; thus I am in the money on the trade so far.


The chart above looks like the bottom has a solid foundation. If the momentum can continue upward, I may add some more.

I also bought back some $CERS for the bounce.


Today had a bounce; however, I don’t have a strong conviction on this one since their earnings were not so great the last two quarters.  The only catalyst left on this stock is the FDA approval of its product in the US.  In other words, I’ll be quick to cut losses if price turns around from here.

$DDD opened higher and I was thrilled.  So I added a bit more.


Price climbed back above the support from last year October.  Let’s see if it can take out $51 resistance from here.

$DMRC continued to bounce higher.


Price closed above the 5 MA line today.  Let’s see if it can take out the 15 MA line tomorrow.

$LRAD also had a nice bounce today.


Price is now trading above the 89 XMA line and the 5 MA line has crossed over the 15 MA line.

All my stocks in my port went up today with $DMRC and $LRAD leading the biggest gain for the day. Thus, my port was up 3.3% today and YTD is now 7.6%.

Current holdings:


From my other account:

Still waiting for $FITX to announce result of Health Canada inspection.

My 2 cents.

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