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05-13-2014 Trading Journal

Market was holding its ground all day at the new high.


While the price movement was in small range, I considered it a great achievement that price did not fall back into the consolidation range. You could almost feel that the market is dipping its toe into the water on the new high territory.  Once it gets comfortable, price will have a high probability of continuing the rally from here.

After I read the earnings transcript on $AMRN, I believe that the business of Amarin may begin to grow from here.  Thus, I bought in when price was still down from the open.


While price gave back some gain at the close, we still have a bullish engulfment bar that may increase the probability of a bottom.

Seeing that $KNDI was opening higher, I added some more.


Oop! Price could not hold and collapse below $13.00.  ’cause I wasn’t watching the stock today, I did not have a chance to get out to cut losses quickly.  So I decided to give it a bit more time to bounce.  Price currently is still above the 5 & 15 MA lines; but if it breaks down below these two MA support lines, I may bail and cut losses.

I also added a bit more to $CERS since it bounced higher in the morning.


But price closed on the negative at the end.  I’ll see where price is heading the next few days before deciding what to do with it.

$SEED spiked up today ’cause another company in China want to buy them out for $2.50.


I’m aiming for $SEED to reject the offer and ask for more.  Thus, I placed a good till cancel order to sell my lot at $2.99 just in case.  Without any approval from the Chinese gov’t regarding $SEED GM seeds, it is difficult to justify a price of over $3.00.

$KGJI also staged a nice bounce today.


Look at that tall green bar!  There is earnings coming out later this week; perhaps, people are expecting another positive quarter.  How many positive quarters will it take for investors to finally believe in the legitimacy of $KGJI?

$DDD continued its rally and bump its head against the $51 resistance line.


As you can see, it went over $51 but failed to remain above it.  However, it still closed decently. Let’s see it tries again tomorrow.

$DMRC was down earlier but made a nice come back by the close.


See how the tail bounced off the 5 MA line and now closed above the 15 MA line?  The most important part is that price is still above the 79 & 89 MA lines which mean the overall trend is still bullish.

Despite falling price from $SVBL and $KNDI, gains from $DMRC, $SEED, $KGJI, and $DDD more than made up the losses and push my port another 1% higher. YTD gain is now 8.6%

Current holdings:

DMRC, LRAD, SVBL, SEED, DDD, KNDI, AMRN, KGJI, & CERS (100% invested/speculated)

From my other account:

While $FITX corrected some today, I’m basically still waiting for the Health Canada inspection result.  Some people are getting impatience and bailed due to some “alleged” zoning issue.  Oh well, this is speculation at its finest.

My 2 cents.


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05-12-2014 Trading Journal

On Friday, I said sooner or later, the bull is going to break thru the resistance and make new high.  Well, it happened sooner than I thought, it made new high today. SPY_DailyLook at that green bar sticking out of the consolidation range.  Now, in order to confirm the continuing bull force, It is important that price does not fall back into the consolidation range inside this week.

$KNDI earnings report today convinced me to jump back in.  The fact that revenues increased over last year 1st Quarter meant that last quarter higher EV sales was no fluke. Although I bought after price spiked up, I was able to get some under $13; thus I am in the money on the trade so far.


The chart above looks like the bottom has a solid foundation. If the momentum can continue upward, I may add some more.

I also bought back some $CERS for the bounce.


Today had a bounce; however, I don’t have a strong conviction on this one since their earnings were not so great the last two quarters.  The only catalyst left on this stock is the FDA approval of its product in the US.  In other words, I’ll be quick to cut losses if price turns around from here.

$DDD opened higher and I was thrilled.  So I added a bit more.


Price climbed back above the support from last year October.  Let’s see if it can take out $51 resistance from here.

$DMRC continued to bounce higher.


Price closed above the 5 MA line today.  Let’s see if it can take out the 15 MA line tomorrow.

$LRAD also had a nice bounce today.


Price is now trading above the 89 XMA line and the 5 MA line has crossed over the 15 MA line.

All my stocks in my port went up today with $DMRC and $LRAD leading the biggest gain for the day. Thus, my port was up 3.3% today and YTD is now 7.6%.

Current holdings:


From my other account:

Still waiting for $FITX to announce result of Health Canada inspection.

My 2 cents.

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05-09-2014 Trading Journal

Well, the bull was one tough bull, isn’t it?


No matter what the bear threw at it, it is still trading at the upper part of the trading range.  Sooner or later, the bull is going to break thru that resistance and make new high again.

$GOGO started off the gate going negative so I sold it for small losses.  As much as I would like to see it bounce, I wasn’t going to fight a downward trend.

$DDD on the other hand was showing a bounce back after the initial drop at the open.  Seeing a long-tail candlestick in development, I bought back some shares for the bounce.


It did bounce more so I’m in the black on this trade so far.  Notice that the low of the day touched the lower band of the Bollinger band; this only “increases” the probability of a bottom.

Notice the weekly $DDD chart below:


Did you see the doji bar right at the support?  Major support here if the Doji-support combo hold.

$DMRC made a nice comeback and a bounce from the 79 MA line.


There is a strong probability of a continuing bounce now that it bounced off the 79 MA magical line.

Thanks to bounce from $DMRC and $LRAD, my port bounced back up 1.3%.  YTD gain is now 4.3%.

Current holdings:

DMRC, LRAD, SVBL, SEED, DDD, KGJI and 22% cash.

From my other port:

Waiting for $FITX to announce Health Canada inspection result and license approval.

My 2 cents.


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05-06-2014 Trading Journal

Just when the bull thought it got away yesterday, the bear pulled the bull by the collar and yanked it back down.


And so the tug of war continued b/w the bull and the bear…As of now, market is trading in the consolidation range; so I wouldn’t call it a bear market yet.  In fact, if you look at the long-term trend line, we are still in a bull trend.  A pause in the long road ahead.

I sold $KNDI in the morning when I thought I would be adding more.  Why did I sell?  Well, from the SEC investigation, $KNDI did hire the promoters back in 2009 and 2010 and I was being mindful about a possible backlash from this news.  Based on today trading range, I was wrong to assume it.

Oh well, but all was not lost.  I used the money to add more $DDD in the morning when price action was behaving very strong.  I was correct to add more in the morning.  Price continued much higher afterward.


Price is now banging against the resistance from three trading days ago.  Despite today down day, $DDD was able to maintain altitude.  Let’s see if it will bounce higher tomorrow.

I’ve been eyeing $WPRT ever since the surprised earnings report a couple of days ago.  I was waiting for it to correct to buy in and price just wouldn’t come down.


Seeing that price was trading in the 79 & 89 MA resistance lines, I’ve to make a bet on whether price will take out the resistance and head higher or drop back down below.  I opted for the former and bought $WRPT with the free cash from sales of some $AMRN yesterday.  Despite today down day, $WPRT was holding quite well.  Price actually broke out of the resistance during the day, I would like to see it bounce higher tomorrow or later in the week.

Well, $DMRC could not hold on to yesterday gain so my port took a hit on that; however, rally from $DDD helped offset some of the losses and my port gave back only 1%.  YTD gain is now 7%.

Current holdings:

DMRC, LRAD, DDD, SVBL, SEED, AMRN, NUGT, KGJI, WPRT, DNN (100% invested/speculated)

From my other account:

While $FITX bounced nicely today, the name of the game is still about waiting for Health Canada approval of license.

My 2 cents.


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05-01-2014 Trading Journal

The market took a pause today. SPY_Daily

See the doji bar near the resistance.  It could go either way… tomorrow we will find out.

I was quite impressed with $DDD transformation after reading their earnings report.  It has changed my perception of this company favorably.  I originally focused mainly on $XONE due to its metal printing machine; but $DDD actually made a lot of headway in this area as well.  Giving the bounce after the drop from the earnings news, I took the opportunity to buy some here as almost 50% discount from the previous historical high. DDD_weekly

From the weekly chart above, you can see the support goes all the way to early 2013.  If price remains about the same tomorrow, we will have an inside week that could serve as a possible bottom if this week high is taken out next week

Somehow, i can’t take my hand off the $KNDI machine.  I bought back a standard size position to see if it can bounce up from here. KNDI_daily

Price is still trading near the support so i will either get whipsawed again or finally catch the bottom from here.

$AMRN was holding well in the morning so I decided to add more to bring it back to the size I had two days ago. AMRN_daily

Price bounced nicely today.  If you look at the daily chart above, you can see the channel range from late January of this year.  Price seems to be bouncing off the bottom of the channel right now.

I had to admit I was a little hasty to add more $DNN after the open. DNN_daily

Now, if I could only wait… but it is hindsight talking anyway.  After the big green bar yesterday, price has to take out the low of yesterday before I start thinking about cutting losses.  Meanwhile, I’m going to give it a bit more room to fluctuate.

$DMRC took another tumble today but somehow I’m not worried about this one. DMRC_daily

Price is still above the 79 & 89 MA lines; however, it is my belief in the $DMRC technology that put me in a calm mode.  After all, I have to be in the position to take advantage of any favorable development.  Missing out the rocket launch of $GWPH by one day is a huge lesson for me to learn.  One must learn to take some reasonable drawdown to stay in the game for the event news.  Due to downdraft of $DMRC and other positions, my port was down another 1%.  YTD gain is now 5%.

Current holdings: DMRC, LRAD, SVBL, AMRN, SEED, DDD, KNDI, DNN and 7% cash.

From my other account: Nothing new here except to wait for Health Canada inspection and approval of the license.

My 2 cents.

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SNAP! But the mouse ($DDD) got away from the trap…

It was a trap alright, as predicted by The Fly, and I was stopped out early in the morning; however, being stopped out is only a rest stop for me to take a break, so I watched for a floor to form in the 3m chart and it did.  Without hesitation, I jumped right back in with stop below today intra-day low.  After some struggling with the bear, the bull finally won over later in the day.

The daily chart does look incredible promising for a possible rally to the upside.  Look how the green bar has already penetrated the downtrend line.  $DDD is one of those animals that, when spook, will run three miles in a New York minute (up or down).  I’m expecting to see $DDD make a mad dash to the upside next week if the general market is done with the correction already.


Below is the weekly chart:


Look at the solid green bar being formed this week.  They even have a name in the candlestick library to identify the pattern of today green bar versus yesterday bar.  It is called the bullish piercing pattern.

I added more $DDD so I now hold more than I’ve held yesterday.

My 2 cents.


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Surprise inside a surprise

What?  $33?

No way!?

Wasn’t it trading at around $50 last week?

Wouldn’t that be a $17 drop instead of $6 drop this morning for missing earning expectation?

I was confused!  I bet you were too!

Yeah, I’m talking about DDD.

3-2 split at the day of earning report?!?


Anyway, as bad as this decision was, I thought I was giving an opportunity to buy back some DDD on the cheap!

After coming to my sense, I bought starter position on DDD under $31 with stop below intra-day low of $30.28.

When an opportunity comes for a chance to catch a falling knife, I’ve got to take it!

Remember, clap your hand together (parallel to the face of the blade) to catch the falling knife; otherwise, you will lose your fingers!

This is a high risk trade so I know I may need a bandage later.

Trade well!


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Profit-taking day

I sold my NOK position today to lock in profit.  Although I tried to daytrade afterward to see if I could capture the upward momentum if it continued.  I was stopped out and the daily chart was reflecting a doji which I was not excited to see.

Below is the daily NOK chart:


Potentially, today doji bar could become an island reversal pattern or an evening star reversal pattern.  I, for one, am not going to wait around to see if that is the case.  Thus, I’ve no problem locking in my profit and see where the wind blows tomorrow.

I also bought SSYS in the morning but decided to lock in profit due to a strong upward thrust all day.  Both DDD & SSYS are in the 2nd strong up bar and I do not want to sit through a correction tomorrow.  The thing about DDD & SSYS is that their volatility is legendary.  The speed of a reversal (up or down) is very FAST.  Hence, I’ve no problem again to lock in profit and see where the wind blows tomorrow as well.

Below is the 5 min. SSYS chart:


So far, a positive trading day today!

I’m now holding AMRN, LRAD, SZYM, GLOG, USU, EMAN, ES & 39% cash.

Yes, albeit my drawdown on AMRN, LRAD, & USU (all position play), I’m always striving to gain profit by swing-trading.

You can always see my trading activities here @followtheprice

Trade well!

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