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05-06-2014 Trading Journal

Just when the bull thought it got away yesterday, the bear pulled the bull by the collar and yanked it back down.


And so the tug of war continued b/w the bull and the bear…As of now, market is trading in the consolidation range; so I wouldn’t call it a bear market yet.  In fact, if you look at the long-term trend line, we are still in a bull trend.  A pause in the long road ahead.

I sold $KNDI in the morning when I thought I would be adding more.  Why did I sell?  Well, from the SEC investigation, $KNDI did hire the promoters back in 2009 and 2010 and I was being mindful about a possible backlash from this news.  Based on today trading range, I was wrong to assume it.

Oh well, but all was not lost.  I used the money to add more $DDD in the morning when price action was behaving very strong.  I was correct to add more in the morning.  Price continued much higher afterward.


Price is now banging against the resistance from three trading days ago.  Despite today down day, $DDD was able to maintain altitude.  Let’s see if it will bounce higher tomorrow.

I’ve been eyeing $WPRT ever since the surprised earnings report a couple of days ago.  I was waiting for it to correct to buy in and price just wouldn’t come down.


Seeing that price was trading in the 79 & 89 MA resistance lines, I’ve to make a bet on whether price will take out the resistance and head higher or drop back down below.  I opted for the former and bought $WRPT with the free cash from sales of some $AMRN yesterday.  Despite today down day, $WPRT was holding quite well.  Price actually broke out of the resistance during the day, I would like to see it bounce higher tomorrow or later in the week.

Well, $DMRC could not hold on to yesterday gain so my port took a hit on that; however, rally from $DDD helped offset some of the losses and my port gave back only 1%.  YTD gain is now 7%.

Current holdings:

DMRC, LRAD, DDD, SVBL, SEED, AMRN, NUGT, KGJI, WPRT, DNN (100% invested/speculated)

From my other account:

While $FITX bounced nicely today, the name of the game is still about waiting for Health Canada approval of license.

My 2 cents.


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