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Today Portfolio Adjustment (04-10-2013)

Today was a “load up the boat” day.

Market opened higher and proceeded to climb all day.

$FB opened strong and after seeing the WSJ news on how Facebook is culling the data of its one billion plus users to improve their advertising business model, I added more without thinking.  Before the morning hours was over, I doubled down on my $FB investment.  When I see fundamental news backing up a positive charting outlook, I do not hesitate to double-down.

$DCTH was acting positive since the open, so I added more.  Having cut cost from yesterday news, I see a more positive outlook in their business model if their specialized chemotherapy delivery system is approved by the FDA.

$BCRX was not dead yet.  It actually tried to climb back up to the positive territory after opening down.  I added a bit more since the bird flu crisis is not over yet.  In other words, my gambling bet is still alive.

I was going to buy $AAPL at the open giving the overall market was up; however, having seen $AAPL trekked down despite an up market before, I waited.  But when it finally took out the intra-day high in the late morning, I bought a starter position.

With market heating up, it is natural for me to think that real estate rally is one of main reason; so I added to $AIG for future prosperity.

$APRI took out the $3 price when I was not looking; so when I found out later, I added more.  Based on the weekly chart, I think $APRI still has a lot of room to run.

I was quite disappointed that $S did not partake on today strong rally; instead, it went down.  So, I dumped it for tiny losses.

I’ve been looking at $CERS for awhile since I missed the buy at low $3.xx; but after seeing it was trying to breakout from the multi-year double top; I bought a starter position to bet that it would be a matter of days before the brearkout occurred.

$PACB was looking good with a positive green bar today.  This green bar presented a sandwich to yesterday red bar since there was another green bar two days ago.  In my book, this is a bullish signal; naturally, I added more today.

$DNN was another non-performing stock today giving today up market; so I sold it for tiny losses as well.

All in all, I bought more than I sold today.

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