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The revival of SKF- the reluctant runner

SKF has not been getting any respect for quite awhile now; but the situation may have changed.

Take a look at the hourly SKF chart below:SKF_HourlyDid you see the potential breakout happening here?  It has already taken out last Friday high and is working on taking out last Thursday high.

Take a look at the daily SKF chart below:SKF_DailyDid you see how today green bar pierce the downward trendline?  Did you also see the price/momentum divergence below the chart?

I think it is high time we pay some respect to SKF.

You see, SKF doesn’t have to be your enemy, you can be a friend with it.  All you need to do is to go along with the flow of SKF and it will be your best friend ever!

Without a doubt, I’m long on SKF since today.

Oh yeah, SKF is buying drink today. (grin)

Trade well!

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