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First off, let me say this, this is the most tragic kind of tragedy. Children are absolute innocence, and I wish with all my heart I could take on the burden of the fear they had ALL to experience. I wish I could take on the burden of the years of horror, sleepless nights, the substance abuse, the ruined relationships, the PTSD, of those who survived. You have any idea what that’s like?

I want to also say, that as messed up as it sounds, I am so glad the shooter was not a veteran. From the way people act here, I would assume- had a veteran committed such a horrific crime -that us veterans of fighting age (especially males), would be hunted down and put in internment camps. Remember the Japanese? Doesn’t sound too far off does it?

That’s what all you idiots with blinders on don’t get. WE ARE GOING DOWN THAT PATH. We are coming on dark days, people can not even live without the help of the government- how many millions are on welfare and food stamps? With a horrible economy, and a HUGE rift down the center of the country- the kind of rift that makes people say the other presidential candidate should die (here). That’s crazy! You hate a politician- that you have never met -so much you want to kill him? Yet, your party is hugely anti-gun and anti-violence/military. Does that make any sense to anyone? That kind of fervor and passion is roughly similar to Nazi Germany, or Radical Islam (look at these stats here). You don’t even know the man, yet you want him dead. Those terrorists on 9/11, they didn’t know any of those people, but they were willing to give their lives to kill them. Those German prison guards, they didn’t know those Jews, but they were their enemies- they carved out their tattoos, dried the skin, and made lamp shades out of it… after they gassed them

They didn’t use guns in either case, are you going to ban planes and knives? Go look up the statistics of how many domestic assaults end in murder by kitchen knife [Here’s some]! Was it the knife’s fault? There is ALWAYS  going to be someone out there that is evil and twisted. This is further exacerbated by media like “Gangster Rap,” where rappers with names like “Gun Play,” gloat about killing people. Please understand this is with illegal guns, they gloat about that too. It’s crazy I know, but what’s even more crazy? MURDERS ARE ILLEGAL! Can you believe that? EVEN CRAZIER THAN THAT THOUGH? Chicago has over 500!!!!! murders so far in 2012. As opposed to 307 in Afghanistan [A]. THAT’S IN ONE US CITY! AS OPPOSED TO A COUNTRY AT WAR! Oh, did I mention CHICAGO HAS THE STRICTEST GUN LAWS IN THE COUNTRY.

Can you define an “Assault Weapon” to me? (Please Note: if you use the word “clip” to describe something that holds ammo, I will reach through the screen and gesture at you in a negative manner). If you want to speak about the AR-15 family of weapons please know, veterans- like myself -look at family of rifles as our “security blanket” and/or, what we use to protect others. Thus, if you’ve never smelt the CLP on the bolt, with the dust cover open, because you’ve already fired a “controled pair,”  whilst picking up a good sight picture, all the while obtaining correct body position and breathing, please kindly shut up.

The “homie,” @CharlieBroccoli, brought something to my attention earlier that is a good point. I am, have never been, nor ever will be, able to give birth. Thus, why should I have a say on abortion? Not the most “parallel” of arguments, but good none the less. If you know absolutely NOTHING about guns, how is it possible for you to have an opinion? I don’t want to hear, “because it can affect my kids!” Have you ever thought, “what if a concerned citizen with a concealed carry was nearby?” Or one with any weapon for that matter. No, it’s not exactly violence with violence, what if the threat of shooting back stopped that coward? BELIEVE ME, when the odds are even (even with religious zealots), they often quit. Would you hate guns so much then? You see, it’s a double edged sword. I don’t have a so called “assault weapon” at the current time, but I will soon with all this madness.

Have you seen what has happened in Australia since they banned guns? Yeah, no more mass shooting, but home invasion homicides have increased exponentially [look]. That doesn’t make sense though right? because guns are illegal? The people who commit crimes are doing something illegal- remember above, murders are illegal? So people who do the “right thing,” “THE legal thing,” then end up unable to defend themselves? Crazy I know, but humans often defy logic. Just look at SF, it’s illegal to have anything but hunting ammo, AND COMPLETELY ILLEGAL TO OWN HAND GUNS, without the “Grandfather Clause” of Chicago and DC. Somehow though, the leading cause of homicide is by handguns in SF.

If you have no formal training, no understanding of ballistics, or have never even held a so called “assault weapon,” Your opinion is of no value. That’s the problem with this country, too many opinions. People need to sit back and realize, it’s not the gun’s fault, it didn’t pull the trigger. The coward that had problems, was drugged up, formed by society, and was allowed to be around unsecured firearms, did. Just be glad he didn’t play around with propane and fertiziler, and know this…. The guns aren’t the problem WE ARE, all of us.

If you say I am challenging your First Amendment Right…please kindly go to the next point on the page.

EDIT: I’m sure you think I am some “right-wing crazy,” that I am not. I fully believe in gay marriage, legalizing pot, and equal rights for all.

EDIT 2: Look how we idolize our presidents.


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  1. Good post.

    Most people don’t realize that the Bushmaster that he used to kill the children would not have been banned by the former assault weapons ban nor by many of the more current ones that have been kicked around.

    That won’t stop an even broader ban from being passed, even though the next time a tragedy like this happens, it will turn out that the new ban somehow still didn’t stop it.

    We need to talk sometime about PTSD. I don’t have it. A family member does.

  2. This country is full of morons, morons with guns. It should be difficult to obtain guns, fully automatic weapons should be banned PERIOD.

    • Fully auto firearms are BANNED. Have been since 1900s

    • Rhino was referring to those persons who are ignorant regarding firearms, such as yourself. in his comments.
      The weapons used by the Lanza kid were NOT fully automatic.

      I have little patience for those who are arrogant enough to think their opinion matters even when when their ignorance of a topic is hanging out all over the place.

  3. People fail to see the short step between semi-auto “Assault rifle” and their little 9mm glock.

  4. Civilization is a very thin veneer. One asteroid/meteorite, one pandemic, one solar flare from the stone age. Imagine the after affects of Sandy except with no “recovery”. Imagine how civilized people will be under these kinds of circumstances. People were threatening each other over gasoline after just a few days without.

  5. Everyone should be well trained in self defense in every sense…..Then nuts may be DISARMED by trained bystanders….etc…..

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