No Vacations at iBankCoin


So I leave a while ago to go slay the bear back on Nov 15 as I stated here.  In that mean time iBankCoin holds a contest for the blogger tab.  Needless to say among whacking animals for the good of my family and newly purchased smoker, I missed the mark to nominate my self.  Would I receive any votes, who knows.  As far as the hunting went, I did not get to slay the physical bear but we saw a hell of a rally with subsequent fuckery.  Did I care to miss it…hell no!  I had the best personal time of my life and still would not trade it for anything.

As far as the personal blogger tab.  I thank the men of iBC for what they are doing as readership is hard to come by and this site has created views beyond my expectations.  I wish the best for those that made it to the final round. Honestly I would not choose to put myself in the contest for selfish reasons.  I must say after this trip I am planning on taking more personal time and if elected as a tabbed blogger, that is an obligation to itself and you owe it to the readers of iBC and I do not think I could fill it to the expectations of readers.

When looking at the final six that made it, I am glad that 3 that I have chosen did make it.  Those gentleman include: Rhino, Elizamae, and Raul3.  These three offer a great combination  of personal stories to fundamentals to technical analysis of various markets.  Needless to say if any of the 3 were selected I would be happy and each would earn congratulations.  So congratulations to all those made it and make the readers of iBC keep coming back and make proud to the crew of iBC…you definitely have my support as I have enjoyed your shared content.

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  1. Don’t worry. Elections will be held every 3 months, discarding those who cannot hold the 3% traffic share requirement.

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