This Year’s Vote That Does Matter


Through social media I have confirmation by Senor Tropicana that the tabbed blogger election will take place tomorrow night.  Seriously, in my opinion this is the election that matters.  I have to admit I did not participate in the presidential election because I am that guy that says “does my vote really matter”?  I don’t think so.  Looking at the PA results, my vote did not matter so to hell with the wait in line.  I told my 9 yr old son that there are 3 arguments you will never persuade the other party and they are politics, religion, & abortion so with that I am done with that conversation because it is a waste of time.

I do believe the tabbed blogger spot for iBC is important.  Three of my favored bloggers did make the finals and they are: RhinoElizamae, and Raul3.  These men share great content on many levels and I wish them the best of luck.  With their content I believe they add to the level of education of markets.  Just look at the iBC tabbed bloggers and you can see that they are men of non-fuckery and take this game seriously.  As I have stated previously, getting your blog/name out is difficult and iBankCoin (thru the Peanut Gallery/Blogger Network) has provided leverage in that arena.

These selected folks have contributed and provided valued information and I wish them the best and continued shared information.  In true boxing and Rocky fashion getting to the top is the easy part but keeping that spot is the hard part.  There is somebody always hungry,  especially when it comes to trading.  Needless to say, the men selected earned it!

8 Responses to “This Year’s Vote That Does Matter”

  1. Thanks. Hope to see some more of your work.

  2. Well said Red.

  3. The Once and Future Rhino

    Semper Fi to you sir. It’s amazing there’s an intelligent marine! Thanks man I’ve always enjoyed your content as well. Your commentary with EM on options, in the comment section of my blog, is one of the most epic things on here.

    • Haha that’s a good one…it came after my enlistment. Thanks for the comment, I hope to keep it up. Went on a 20 day hunting vacation (w/Thanksgiving in there) so still getting back into the swing of things having to catch up on household duties as well.

  4. Hungry like the wolf. Really glad you enjoy and find an element of education. That’s why I live on iBC too.

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