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UA: New Shoes

[[UA]] has had a terrible performance to start 2008. The company was recently annihilated due to bad guidance, but since then the stock has perked up a bit.

The company plans to release new performance footwear in a few months. From what I hear, they will display their highly anticipated shoes in a SuperBowl commercial. This may give the stock some juice to run higher.

Note: Under Armour reports Thursday.

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Get Your Dice Ready!

Earnings season is off to a fabulous start, if you are short of course. I mean look what happened to [[AAPL]] last week, and check out VMW after hours— de-banking at its finest!

Let’s see who will lose half their market cap next.


  • [[MMM]]
  • [[CFC]]
  • [[LLY]]
  • [[EMC]]
  • [[ENR]]
  • [[X]]
  • [[VLO]]
  • [[YHOO]]


  • [[AMZN]]
  • [[BHI]]
  • [[BOBJ]]
  • [[ESLR]]
  • [[HES]]
  • [[MBI]]
  • [[MRK]]
  • [[SBUX]]
  • [[BA]]


  • [[BUD]]
  • [[CELG]]
  • [[DLB]]
  • [[ERTS]]
  • [[GOOG]]
  • [[ICE]]
  • [[ISRG]]
  • [[MA]]
  • [[MNST]]
  • [[UA]]


  • [[CVX]]
  • [[XOM]]

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Power Lunch

Are you buying this rally? Do you really want to be long ahead of the FED? Do you think we get another 50 bps cut? Too many unknowns for me, I rather just sit here in cash and wait for my entry.

Note: If we don’t get a rate cut on Wednesday, I will be all over this list.

Take a look at a few stocks on the move

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