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Valentines Day

Who ever invented this day should be shot.

Note: I’m short Valentines day

Note II: Is it coincidence that I see red on my screen? I think not.

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The fate of solar weighs on [[YGE]] report tomorrow morning. Should the company blow away numbers, prepare for another boost higher.

[[STP]] reports next week, should they also report great numbers. [[SPWR]] will easily be back @ $100, and the rest of the sector we be up another 10%.

Fun times, or not.

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PBR: Sold @ 116.50

I was stopped out, and will try again around $119.

Note: This is the 3rd time I tried to play this breakout. I hate [[PBR]] and will probably miss the run when it finally decides to breakout.

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After reviewing [[PBR]], it looks like the breakout will happen above $118.85, not sure where I got $118 from.

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