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$META is on the move this morning, and is having one hell of a year. The stock is flashing non-stop on scan this morning as the new Thread app is rolling out tomorrow. Even with the crazy accent in stock price, META is still cheap on a valuation basis. Will Threads have what it takes to take share from Twitter? I guess it really is Zuckerberg vs Musk.

Here’s an early look at a few movers this morning…. $META looks like a slam dunk to 300+, and I also like what $GOOGL is doing– bought calls. Good luck trading today fellas….

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Saturday Morning Charts

Bringing back the momentum and the charts this Saturday morning as I sip this cold energy drink from my sunroom. I normally sip coffee in my sunroom, but the temperature is over 100 degrees and its now July, I needed something cold.

Taking a quick glance at the Momentum Delta scan in Stocklabs, here are a few charts that I will be watching this upcoming week:

CLICK HERE FOR FULL SCAN, courtesy of Stocklabs

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Anyone buying the Banks?

$JPM $WFC & $BAC are hitting the scans this morning giving life to the financials and the big money center banks. Based on today’s results I’m tempted to buy calls in $BAC somewhere in here:


Do we start to see funds start to cover their shorts in the financials? or another shoe to drop? I’m siding with another shoe. I’m only here for a trade…

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EV Still In Play

$XPEV is on top of the scans this morning and has been for the past few trading days. EV names continue to give good action into quarter end, and this one has a volume pocket to fill on the upside. Check out the weekly chart below:


Here are today’s movers on above average volume. $RIVN showing signs of bottom? $UBER showing sign of a new leader. $AI seems to be back in play, with $IONQ breaking out as well. And, the old favorite $U is lighting up on the Stocklabs scan below:

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Will Lucid Survive?

$LCID has been popping up on scans over the last few days, but has yet to gain any ground. Does that change here? or are we going sub 5.00? The EV names are hot this morning with $NIO absolutely shooting out the cannon to start. $TSLA is back on scan too for a little nice window dressing.

Here are some names to watch this morning, I like the $MARA:

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$COIN is finally seeing some love with bitcoin holding 30K. We’ve had many false starts in the past from $COIN, but the name is scan heavy this morning and loaded with shorts. Here’s a look at the daily below:


Some other scan heavy names this morning include: $SOXL $UBER $SNAP $IONQ $INTC & $LCID

Good luck trading today!

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