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The Very Best Charts

This weekend I decided to queue up a quick screen to find the very best technical scores within the Stocklabs software. Below you can find my findings, which some may surprise you. We’ll start of with JNJ…

Despite giving people cancer the stock still has one of the best technical scores around. And, if you’ve been looking for alpha the last few days as the market declined, JNJ was the play:

The banks also have had a few good weeks, and I was pretty surprised to see $WAL with a tech score greater than 4. $BAC also made the list, along with $SUPV

Oil was the standout in this weekend’s screen as hurricane season is just underway. I believe there is an area of interest right now that might land inside the Gulf and possibly halt production. Whatever the case, here are some good looking charts within the industry:

Indeed, their has been a rotation out of tech and into banks, oil, and staples. For the current full list of top technical scores, I’ve imported the list to finviz for your viewing pleasure: CLICK HERE

Member can bookmark the top technical scores HERE.

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