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Tricky Tricky Market

The Nasdaq closed red today, but I was green in my trading. The market closes on the lows, yet our Momentum Delta scan is loaded down with tickers.

Which way does the tide turn this week? Beneath the surface there was some life, specifically Energy, Alternative Energy, & Financials. The Frackers are squeezing and Biden is just getting started, or is he? Indeed, 2021, the year where Meme stocks reign supreme, and nothing is what it seems…..


Here is my watchlist heading into the week, all which come from the momentum scan in StocklabsBABA, SHIP, CLOV, DIDI, SEEL, SDC, WKHS, BTU, HUT, RMO, NOV, SOLO, PATH, CGC, SRNE, JMIA, VLDR, & SPWR (CHARTS)

If all else fails, I’ll look to build my VXX position– just in time for Halloween. Tricky Tricky Market.

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